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post office drug test?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Adidas420, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. I got a job offer from the post office and I was just wondering if anyone here knew what the drug screening process was like? It saids in the letter that you get to take it in private but you have to remove "outer clothing" does that just mean like your jacket and stuff or does it mean strip to your underwear? Do you also take the physical there or is that done later? would it be possible to substitute someone else's pee if I wear tighty whities under my boxers?thanks in advance everyone :)
  2. I'm thinking a little 5 oz bottle of sunny D with some hand warmers. hopefully they don't check to see if i'm jocking anything.
  3. my friends just got some county jobs and their physical was immediately after the DT. they just tossed their pee bottle in the trash though
  4. yeah tape a clear small bottle on your thigh by your sack with clear tape and try putting a hand warmer on it during the car ride to the Dr.s THen they will ask you to prolly take everything out of your pockets and give you some privacy so u can easily pour into the cup. Then put your hands around the cup for around 30 seconds after you piss and before you flush. This should get it close to your body temperature as possible if it was to cold or too hot.
  5. PS... working at the post office, in the us, meens you are gonna be a fed.

  7. Yeah....My friend found that out the hard way, sprayed silly string all over the mail man back in high school and they tried to get him for assaulting a federal offiver of some bullshit like that.
  8. Just took it with my friends piss jocked, everything went smooth. If the temperature wasn't right they'd tell me on the spot right? It was only like 10 minutes old and I had some hand warmer things on it but I don't think they warmed up to their max temp. I dunno it was under my balls the whole time so I'm sure its all good. I'm just kinda worried because my interview is already preplanned for a certain date. So I don't wanna show up there and have them just deny me on the spot ya know.

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