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Discussion in 'General' started by willum8914, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. I'll admit that this thread is somewhat pointless, which is being somewhat hypocritical, but im just trying to get the message out. PEOPLE, STOP POSTING THREADS THAT ARE POINTLESS!!!! "dude, im so high right now, i smoked alot of pot" those are the kind of threads that make me mad, and turn good ol grasscity boring. we need substance. whos with me on this?!?!
  2. yeah i agree with you totally.... this is sort of one but yeah! that is why i am really glad that Stoner Punk has created his little article, weed weekly.... itll bring smart discussions and non-pointless current events here to talk about....
  3. Appreciate it.I know what ya mean.
  4. I agree as well!


    I wish people would post in the right forums too...

    Moving to general!
  5. No offense intended, but I totally disagree. This is general.. post anything. Who cares? No ones making you read it.
  6. I've seen a post like this in every forum I've been to, if you're bored with the content post something good yourself :)

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