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  1. not sure if this has been made before but this is where you posts really good artists that many my not have heard of because MTV and the radio are two much of dicks to play good music

    Slightly Stoopid-
    Long Beach Shortbus-
    Long Beach Dub Allstars-
    Pepper (them and SS are pretty well known but still many havent heard them)
    Manu Chao
    The expendables
    Bedouin Soundclash

    ... thats all i can think of for now. also bold all artists so they are easy to see in the thread

    [edit] i added links to where you can download each artist
  2. cody chestnut - the headphone masterpiece
    AZ - all of his stuff
    Big L

    more to follow..:)
  3. if you dont mind, see if you can link to direct downloads or torrents so people can sample their music before makin a purchase. naww mean?
  4. Short Dawg.
    Dirty Glove Entertainment.

    (I cant get links right now. If i get on myspace and get links to they myspace shit this bitch will see me on and call me and i dont feel like her blowing my buzz cuz im ripped. I have been for about 12 hours now. Started at noon and is 15 till midnight.)
  5. Bedouin soundclash are fucking good. Went to see 'em recently.

    Any Canadians reading this: they big where you are? I mean I believe they are canadian so...
    ahem... go...
  6. around where i live no ones heard of these two

    derek trucks band
    robert randolph and the family band

    both kickass with amazing guitarists (especially derek trucks) but robert randolph plays the pedal steel guitar, but he makes it rock.
  7. brian jonestown massacre
    dead meadow
    the lovetones
    jesus & the mary chain
    moby grape
    mojave 3
    primal scream
    spacemen 3
    the 13th floor elevators
  8. protest the hero - if you like heavy stuff with amazing guitar and vocals

  9. you liked that cd? i couldn't really get into it, bitch, i'm broke, haha that was the only track i liked...
  10. A.M. Sixty--Big As the Sky
    their song "summertime girlfriend" is on a gap commercial right now
  11. Groundation
    Ernest Ranglin
    Monty Alexander
    Barry Finnerty
    Benny Green
    Booker Ervin
    Charles Earland
    Charlie Hunter
    Chris Potter
    Geoffrey Keezer
    Joe Krown Organ Combo
    Joshua Redman
    Meshell Ndegeocello
    Nicholas Payton
    The Philadelphia Experiment
    The RH Factor
  12. ^^i gotta co-sign on the soulive...

    blue scholars
    green milk from the planet orange
    acid mothers temple
    girl talk
    cr avery
    jaga jazzist
    last emperor
    mr scruff
    one self
    sleepytime gorilla museum
    faun fables
  13. - Street Lordz
    - Southpark Mexican (Fairley known, Never on like MTV or anything.)

    Edit: Got too stoned to finish... Damnit...
  14. you guys are really going to make me look all those up? someone please be awesome and add links to their shit
  15. jedi mind tricks
  16. Not all are unheard of, but fuck it, this is the majority of what I'm into. Here comes THE LIST:

    1905; Ache-Emelie. After School Knife Fight; Akimbo; Alison Ranger; Amanda Woodward; Ampere; An Arrow In Flight; Angel Hair; Antioch Arrow; The Apoplexy Twist Ochestra; Arsen; The Assailant; The Assistant; The Avenging Disco Godfathers Of Soul; Behead The Prophet, No Lord Shall Live; Beneath Low Fying Planes; Black Castle; Black Eyes; Blame Game; Bleeding Kansas; The Book Of Dead Names; Books Lie; Bright Calm Blue; Bucket Full Of Teeth; Burned Out Bright; Charles Bronson; Circle Takes The Square; City Of Caterpillar; Clikitat Ikatowi; Cobra Kai; Combatwoundedveteran; Constatine Sankathi; Corn On Macabre; Cowboys Became Folk Heros; Crestfallen; Crimson Curse; Current; Daitro; Dance Danse, El Capitan!; Danse Macabre; A Day In Black And White; A Day's Refrain; Dear Tonight; The Death Of Anna Karina; Die, Emperor! Die!; Dipleg; Dispensing Of False Halos; Dodewaard; Dotflashline; Dropdead; Eaves; Eclipse Of Eden; Edict Of Milan; Eleventh He Reaches London; Emo Summer; Encyclopedia Of American Traitors; The End Of The Century Party; Engine Down; Envy; Epilogue; Evergreen; Examination Of The...; The Exploder; Fall On Deaf Years; Flashbulb Memory; Forstella Ford; Four Hundred Years; Frail; Francis Brady; The French Connection; Fuck On The Beach; Funeral Diner; Gantz; Gauge Means Nothing; Gospel; Hassan I Sabbah; Helen Of Troy; Heroin; His Hero Is Gone; Holy Molar; Honeywell; Hot Cross; How To Beat A Dead Horse; Hugs; I Am The Resurrection; I Hate Myself; I Have Dreams; Index For Potential Suicide; In/Humanity; Iron Lung; Isodora Crane; I Spoke; I Would Set Myself On Fire For You; I, Robot; In Loving Memory; Index For Potential Suicide; Indian Summer; Isodora Crane; Jenny Piccolo; Jerome's Dream; Jiyuna; Joshua Fit For Battle; JR Ewing; June Paik; Kanashibari; Kaospilot; The Khayembii Communique; Kill Kim Novak; Kill Sadie; Kite Flying Society; The Kodan Armada; Kodiak; Kulara; The Kyds Vs Columbus; Lachance; La Quiete; Lack; Lana Degales; Lickgoldensky; Life At These Speeds; Life Detecting Coffins; Life Is A Fight; A Light In The Attic; Light The Fuse And Run; Look Back And Laugh; Louise Cyphre; Love Like... Electrocution; Love Lost But Not Forgotten; Mach Tiver; Majority Rule; Makara; Mara'akate; Mihai Edrisch; Milemarker; The Minor Times; Mohinder; Moss Icon; My Lai; Native Nod; Navio Forge; Neil Perry; The Now; The Oath; Occam's Razor; Off Minor; Oh, You Skeleton!; On The Might Of Princes; Orchid; Palatka; The People Listening Wonder; A Petal Fallen; Pg. 99; Phasma Phasmatis; Phoenix Bodies; Pig Destroyer; Planes Mistaken For Stars; Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack; The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower; Portrait; Portraits Of Past; Puritan; Racebannon; Raein; The Red Scare; Reversal Of Man; Ruhaeda; The Saddest Landscape; Saetia; She Notes The Chariots; She Spits Macabre; Spazz; Shikari; Shotmaker; Sleepytime Trio; Spirit Of Versailles; St. Alban's Kids; Stop It!!; Suicide Nation; Swing Kids; Takaru; Teen Cthulu; Ten Grand; Textbook Traitors; This Machine Kills; This Ship Will Sink; Tigers!; Tipping Canoe; Transistor Transistor; Tristan Tzara; True North; Tunes For Bears To Dance To; Tyranny Of Shaw; Twelve Hour Turn; Ultra Dolphins; Unwound; Usurp Synapse; Van Johnson; The Vida Blue; Vincent Black Shadow; Vincent Price's Orphan Powered Death Machine; Welcome The Plague Year; The Wolfnote; Wow, Owls!; Yacopsae; Yage; Yaphet Kotto; You And I; Yuriko;

    The Blood Brothers; Soiled Doves; The Vogue; Neon Blonde; Head Wound City; At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta; De Facto; Drive Like Jehu; Million Dead; Refused; The International Noise Conspiracy; Born Against; And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead; These Arms Are Snakes; Cursive; Camera Obscura; The Red Light Sting; Hot Hot Heat; Ex Models; The Faint; !!! (Chk Chk Chk); Your Enemies' Friends; Beep Beep; Blonde Redhead; LCD Soundsystem; Braid; Cap'n Jazz; Elliott Smith; Minus The Bear; Her Space Holiday; Murder By Death; Sharks Keep Moving; State Route 522; The Album Leaf; Mogwai; A Silver Mt. Zion; Xiu Xiu; The Snake The Cross The Crown; The Postal Service; The Casket Lottery; Clair De Lune; Rainer Maria; Bright Eyes; Bear Vs. Shark; Jimmy Eat World; Sigur Ros; Aphex Twin; Mum; Bjork; The Arcade Fire; Faraquet; Fax Arcana; KC Milian; Broken social Scene; Broken Spindles; Massive Attack; Mono; Muse; Pretty Girls Make Graves; Radio 4; Sneaker Pimps; The Decemberists; The Rapture; Tricky; Zero 7; Death From Above 1979; Metric; The Advantage; Rilo Kiley; Denali; Devendra Banhart; Do Make Say Think; Explosions In The Sky; Godspeed You! Black Emperor; The Polyphonic Spree; Beck; Frou Frou; Joanna Newsom; The Microphones; Neutral Milk Hotel; North Of America; Red Sparowes; Rroselicoeur; Azure Ray; The Shins; Tv On The Radio; Iron & Wine; Son, Ambulance; Desaparecidos; Interpol; Criteria; Radiohead; Sonic Youth; Copeland;

    The Locust; Melt Banana; The Great Redneck Hope; Twodeadsluts, Onegoodfuck; The Number Twelve Looks Like You; Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus; The Sawtooth Grin; The Red Rocket Fiasco; Into The Moat; Ed Gein; Ion Dissonance; Daughters; Converge; An Albatross; Psyopus; The End; Radiation 4; Tower of Rome; The Fall Of Troy; Fordirelifesake; Fear Before The March Of Flames; Isis; Mare; Botch; Cave In; Coalesce; Every Time I Die; Between The Buried And Me; The Letters Organize; Against Me!; Thrice; Thursday; Rise Against; The Killing Tree; Coheed and Cambria; Beneath The Ashes; Rifles At Recess; Doomsday 1999; Nodes Of Ranvier; Uphill Battle; From A Second Story Window; Horse The Band; Bane; Comeback Kid; With Honor; Shai Hulud; Modern Life Is War; American Nightmare; Some Girls; Since By Man; Sex Positions;

    Sage Francis; Aesop Rock; Sole; Cannibal Ox; A Tribe Called Quest; De La Soul; Little Brother; Copywrite; The Roots; Brother Ali; Dan The Automator; Del Tha Funkee Homosapien; RJD2; Zion I; Amp-Live; Lyrics Born; Gift of Gab; Blackalicious; Chali 2na; Why; Mos Def; Jedi Mind Tricks; Jurassic 5; Big Daddy Kane; Cut Chemist; DJ Shadow; Molemen; Ant; DJ Revolution; Grouch; Murs; Eligh; The Living Legends; Kid Koala; Soul Position; Swollen Members; Madlib; Quasimoto; Qwel; Maker; Typical Cats; Aceyalone; Denizen Kane; Atmosphere; Shape Shifters; M.F. Doom; Alias; Gorillaz; Eyedea; Black Eyed Peas; Kanye West; Common; Talib Kweli; Handsome Boy Modeling School; Danger Mouse; Dilated Peoples; Saul Williams; Red Tide; Immortal Technique; Hieroglyphics; Casual; Pep Love; Opio; C Ray Walz; Time Capsule; The Crest; Prefuse 73; The Books; Scott Herren; Hi-Tek; Dead Prez; Rhymesayers; Anticon; Spitkicker; Nature Sounds; Ra The Rugged Man; Glue; Masta Killa; Raekwon; Black Market Militia; Pharcyde; Cage; Bush Babies; Killah Priest; Rah Digga; Gangstarr; M.O.P.; Ghostface; Pharoahe Monch;
  17. do your own damn want good music, buy it or find it illegaly yourself maing... with all that your asking we might as well listen to it for you...
  18. would you mind?

  19. why are you so angry

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