Post here one usefull info for newbies in their 1st grow.

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    You can post more than once, but give only one insightfull information per post.

    We should get a quick list of usefull comments and advice for new growers.

    See example below.

  2. In your first grow, divide by 3 the ammount of nutrients when you start adding them. Raise them if all seems good.

    This advice is valuable for vegetative nutrients, as well as flowering and blooming nutes.

    Some strains don't like too much nutes, some will suck them down like water. Don't kill your first grow!

  3. for new growers, don't over water your plants. stick your finger up to the second knuckle in your soil. if it is moist at all don't water. if its dry give her some water.
  4. Try to find soil that is loose and feels fine but slightly heavy in your hands. Do not buy anything that is hard and bulky or soft and weightless. Aim for the middleground

    This is a Quote from "The Cannabis Grow Bible"
  5. Im still in the middle of my first grow...just switched to 12/12 and some things ive learned so far:

    -be patient
    -more nutes /= more growth/faster growth....when you start adding nutes do it in small doses and work your way up. Im still yet to give any of my plants a "full dose"
    -dont overwater....if anything, when the soil starts drying out the roots will search for water and growt a lot
  6. Never be compulsive, if your plant(s) is having problems, look into everything it could possibly be, starting with checking for signs of pests/insects, if none are found check the ph of your medium, DO NOT feed your plant until you know it is a deficiency, as ph fluctuation, and insect infestations can cause the same symptoms as a nutrient deficiency.
  7. My one piece of advice, look for real growing information where folks actually know how to grow. Meaning, not here.

  8. check the PH of your soil and water. i feel like a lot of new growers neglect this and end up with plants looking nute burnt and such without any knowledge why
  9. One Solid Piece of Advice? :D

  10. You know what, your not a nice person.:devious:

    Haha I know how to grow... are my plants dieing?? they look healthy to me:D


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    Well, looks like you can grow leaves. Seriously, look at the reality of this. You're on your second grow and the bud from your first effort wasn't exactly mind-blowing. As such, why would a noob befit from the advice of another noob, when he could consult folks who've been doing this quite a while with a good deal of success? Similarly, most folks here are either on their first grow or don't grow at all. Hardly a cultivation goldmine.

    Another single piece of advice, use one complete fertilizer for veg and one complete fertilizer for bloom, resisting the urge to fuck with the plant(s) more than absolutely necessary.

  12. Well there's no point in arguing with you, my plants are healthy green and produce more than enough for me.. and I know how much the plants can produce most of those pics are from like the 3rd-4th week of flower.. like I said t8 fluorescents don't produce like HIDs, even plain cfl's are better
  13. damn homie lookin good! interesting way of transplanting though lmao. innovation is a wonder when doing small indoor grows. i would rate yours above average even related to # of plants and overall health.
  14. Now I remember you! I actually replied to your thread. It was the one where you wanted to pull 20z. Oh, be still my heart! Given the comments and the pics you posted, this just too precious.


  15. Thanks I'm glad someone thinks my grow is alright haha
    and yea the cup inside a cup inside a 3 gallon pot lol
    I was low on soil haha
  16. i would suggest to water it more. water ea one with a gal or more. even when ya get a bunch of runoff just keep adding more. keep in mind that you do that without watering again till the soil drys out.
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    Umm...this has been done for ages. The only thing is, stacking big pots makes sense on several levels. Doing it with a cup is pointless.

    An ounce and a half? You mean wet, or with its medium, roots and stems? GMAFB.

    Look through this thread (just the first few posts):

    Note a GC member claiming 2oz dry from the plant he posted and what it looks like. Then look at the pics of 2oz plants that I posted. See the difference. I guess I'm trying to say that you shouldn't insult one's intelligence with these fairly tales, as the guy in that thread learned for himself.

  18. lmao hey man i just clicked on a link and commented on some pics...

    no worries. innovation can be a big part to growing.

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