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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ColdToker420, May 26, 2010.

  1. Sup, GC. So I'm growing this plant in my backyard and It's pretty tall but it hasn't entered flowering stage yet. I intend to move it to a place where it'll get more sunlight and more cover from various plants around it. (I'm growing it in secrecy.) Anyways my friend who's an experienced toker said that when its ready for harvest it'll produce a smell so potent that it'll fill my backyard. I didn't believe him. I need more expert grower advice from people who know for sure. So,this is a question geared more towards experienced growers. When my plant is ready for harvest I know it will smell, but will the smell be so strong it fills my backyard? And what about after I manicure and begin to dry it? I got this perfect spot in my closet. Will the smell from the bud seap out and fill my room and the rest of my home? If it does my parents will bust me for sure. First grow BTW
  2. no one can give a definative answer to that as its VERY much dependant on strain, but just coz a plant dont stink doesnt mean its not potent etc, & the same goes for drying etc, although i find most my strains STINK my whole place out once cut even if they didnt have much smell before harvest

    also be carefull taking advice from 'toker mates' as it sounds like he dont know anything about "growing" MJ from what he's said about smell (no offence ment lol)
  3. Yeah, well like I said he's an experinced toker not grower. Lqtm. I guess I'll just have to wait until Fall to truly find out. Thanks.
  4. lol fair m8, i got m8s that toke & for some reason think they know how to grow lol

    anyway i forgot 2 say, in this situation its "better to be safe than sorry" in the sense id expect them to stink & so work on what ever it is your wanting to do to cover it, then if they dont smell to bad well thats handy in your case, IMO its best to do it this way rather than finding out you got 1 of the stinkyest strains known to man & cant control it as it gets worse lol:smoke:
  5. Oh ok. Outside coverage of isn't a big problem for me. Its just covering up the aroma it'll produce when its drying.

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