post harvest rootzone inspection

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  1. hi im curently going into the forensic of my last harvest wich was not bad but could be improoved i think

    breaking up the soil i noticed that the roots did not grow much 75-80% of pot soil barely had roots
    theonly top portion had roots

    to put the in perspective i flowered the clones almost right after they rooted into 1gal container
    im trying to gigur out how to maximize my root devlopment to get more flowers
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  4. i was thinking about getting her sister a bigger pot since it veged the whole flower cycle but shes still green and way bigger but im not sure the1gallon pot would be enough if i flip it im sloely getting ready to uppot her but one handed transplanting i have to plan ahead about how im gonna proceed without killing her
  5. Consider a longer veg.
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  6. proper temps . looser Soil. Right amount of nutrients water correctly all equal . Bigger roots .
    temps need to be from 60f to 80f Prefer 70f for max root growth . Water only when the soil is dry . So water all at once not a tiny bit at a time . Do not over nute them like an asshole follow directions so roots search for nutrients . Soil should have some perlite so the drainage is good and the soil needs to be loose . Never compact. Bigger roots bigger yields .
    I want to comment a grower can make a plant 6 foot tall in a half gallon pot . Or the same grower has that plant in a 20 gallon pot. He pulls that plant out of the soil after harvest and the root ball is only a gallon big . Both situations they did not pull (((SHIT)!!! for yield . The poster question should get more respect its a serious grower question .
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  7. happy roots are the key this was 2 harvests ago with a 45 day veg i got almost 1 pound per plant my last run a 30 day veg and i only got 8 ounces per plant and the roots never reached the bottom So it is a combination of time plus all the other factors enviroment, watering habits, aeration, pot size, and of course genetics plays a pretty good part just keep growing and experimenting until you reach the goals that you set t2.jpg t3.jpg a9.jpg
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  8. all that white stuff is perlite i make my soil airy and have plenty of holes in my pots
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  10. Tap roots are designed to drill south as deep as possible and then take root and expand. Think about that for a second. If you're growing in a solo cup or smaller pot, your root ball will tiny, even after the transplant. Start thinking about planting your germinated seed directly into its forever home with no further transplanting.
  11. outdoors i have always grafualyupsized pots to maximize root propagation but infoors its out of the cloner then solocup then 1gal(might be a 2?) i should just drop clone straight into final container you think?
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  13. Sorry he's gone...did you ever consider getting another one?
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  15. My 2 cents,no. clone to (1 pint flower pot with many holes/ or solo cup, then into 7 gal cloth bags. If I had more vert ht I'd try bigger. Big roots = big fruits.
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  16. so what is the most veg time i could pull out of a 2gal square pot if i flower for 8-9 weeks?
    im worried about flipping them before transplanting them into bigger
    i have mainlined it to 4tops its has 10-11weeks of veg as of now and i have to monitor them once every 2-3 days or they thirsty
  17. Pot sizing may be subjective to the grower, experience, media, and nutrient controls.

    If we're talking an organic soil based media then the biggest advantage to potting up over the plant lifecycle is a bigger buffering range......meaning the plant wont have huge swings in 'health' relative to other grow controls and grower experience.

    If we're talking rock wool cubes then a 1 gallon vs 2 gallon "pot" is irrelevant. The plant is going to grow relative to the grower experience and nutrient feed.

    Sort of like driving an automatic(soil) vs a standard(hydro)....
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  18. organic soil is how i ride
  19. I used to veg for 7 to 8 weeks. Now I flip at the end of week 4.

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