Post-Hardcore and Screamo

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  1. views on it? i listen to Dance Gavin Dance, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada, Bring Me The Horizon, Thursday, Dr. Acula, Four Year Strong, Poison the Well, along with plenty of other stuff.

    your likes and dislikes? views/thoughts?
  2. I see no Post-Hardcore...

    Screamo is on of the low points in musical history in my opinion. ost of those bands are just fad bands and/or jokes.
  3. I agree 100% with Yoke-LS. These were bands that really lame kids listened to in high school. I didn't know people who were older than 18 actually listen to them.

    There's a whole world of music out there, why limit yourself to suck dreck?
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    there are some excellent screamo bands out there, but you won't find them in the mainstream.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Skycamefalling - Full Live Set: 2/25/01 Philadelphia, PA[/ame]

    Aussitot Mort
    Amanda Woodward
    Portraits of Past
    400 Years
    Light the Fuse and Run
    Suis La Lune
    City of Caterpillar
    Loma Prieta
    Love Like Electrocution
    Noisy Sins of the Insect
    Mass Movement of the Moth
    Alexisonfire's first album has a few gems on it, too

    Also, though they don't fall under the "screamo" label, Starkweather fit in among this scene
  5. yeah, most of the bands i listen to you have never heard of. the only band i know personally is scary kids, and ive listened to almost everyone i listed before they got big, except for dance gavin dance. and there is post-hardcore there...
  6. oh, and i listen to rap/hip-hop and stuff too. biggie, tupac, lupe fiasco, nas, dead prez, etc.,
  7. Calling DGD Post-Hardcore is like calling Johnny Cash Post-Rock...

    This is Post-Hardcore...

    [ame=""]YouTube - Fugazi - Waiting Room[/ame]

  8. yes... thats also punk as well as post-hardcore, even though they are similar. actually, post-hardcore evolved from hardcore punk... post-hardcore doesn't have one sound, it can range between many different things. and DGD is post-hardcore.... -.- too bad jonny craig isn't in the band anymore, DGD is like no other band. hardcore drugs don't go anywhere good man...
  9. Fugazi/Minor Threat is the shit. I hate that Scary Kids band. I gave that Dance Gavin Dance stuff a try - bleh. Sorry, but it's just not my music. Post hardcore seems to be a really vague description today. Godspeed You! Black Emperor (awesome, by the way) might as well be classified as post hc if all those other bands can be given that title.
    I'll stick to Bear vs Shark, Hot Water Music, and Refused for my post hardcore listenings.

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  10. Refused.
    At the Drive-In.
    Bear vs. Shark.
    These Arms Are Snakes.
    Q and Not U.
  11. i love thursday! they are gods. then u got scary kids, alesana, tdwp, a skylit drive, chiodos, alexisonfire,dance gavin dance, oceana, a bullet for pretty boy, attack attack, here i come falling, emarosa and too much more. and AFI is the best ever btw
  12. haha. i know scary kids personally through a friend and im seeing thursday with BMTH, pierce the veil, cancer bats and four year strong on march 4th. i love getting in VIP.. haha
  13. Screamo used to be what I listened to 24/7. But, I only went to shows to dance and meet new people. Favorite screamo band is TDWP or old school Norma Jean (Memphis will be laid to rest)

  14. yeahh. ive seen tdwp live like 4 times. good shit.. i love norma jean too, memphis will be laid to rest is my favorite song by them
  15. I used to listen to ONLY metal/hardcore/death metal back in the day but let me tell you screamo is just an excuse for guys who only know how to palm mute breakdowns on guitar and need an excuse to wear tight pants and go on tour. screamo fucking sucks, its all the same

  16. /thread :D

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