Post Freshly Packed Bowls Pics!!!

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  1. + rep to this guy! ill post my pic on monday when i get my next pickup. = D ill pack my first pipe i ever had , its old and named nordic. color-changing glass , but nothing special.
  2. My new favorite bowl, rockin' some Strawberry Blue ...:smoke:


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  3. I love this +REP
  4. Great idea for a thread once I get my new camera i will post mad pics

  5. very cool pics man
  6. [​IMG]

    about to take this bong hoot
  7. Sorry for so many alike pictures. DANK kief bowl.

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  9. looks dank

  10. Damn. That weed looks radioactive. It's like it's glowing green :eek::eek::eek:
  11. Heres another I got today. :smoke: :smoke:


  12. Lovin all these bowls! This thread is helping me make it to Friday! Ill have a bunch of pics then!!


  13. I get the dank. :smoke:
  14. Nice pics. I LOVE THIS THREAD! I'm always drooling while i look at it cuz there are some nices pieces and dank looking bud.
  15. Sitting in an international marketing class while looking at this thread was a mistake...can't wait til class is done at 830 so I can head home,pack a whip, and hit my vaporbros through my ssfg :smoke:

  16. yummy!

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