Post Freshly Packed Bowls Pics!!!

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  1. More of a general context shot. :smoking:

    The bowl of the EZ-Change whip is sitting in the center of the frame, loaded up with a heavy dose of tasty green.


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  2. looks tasty!!!^^^..nightcap:smoke:
  3. Some DG Haze for you guys out of my spoon
  4. Nice pics. Those bowls look tasty.
  5. [​IMG]

    Morning bowl
  6. Surfguy i know this is gonna sound wierd but what kind of weed is that?
  7. Im bout to pack a fatty... pic on the way lol :bongin:
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    Another nice, fatty kief toped bolo for all my GC homies

  9. 029.JPG

    white berry toped off with dry sift and some black hash:smoking:
  10. All these bowls are makin me Hungry for a RIP!

    Gotta wait til friday(doin the weekend warrior thing right now)

    Keep em commin!

  11. Oh damn dude. I was doin that too. Its great! lol I'll smoke one to you my good buddy.
  12. just a nice kief bowl pack of course
  13. In my new little $6 wooden pipe. Nothin' fancy, but kinda cool.


  14. superdank damn that bowl looks tasty!! [​IMG]

  15. woah that black hash tripped me out, it looks like little black baby scorpions hatched from your keif :eek:

  16. I'm high just looking at this! What is it exactly?
  17. Yes please tell us what this amazing bowl is?
  18. lol:smoke: its a good bowl with a mix of two diff nugs underneath and the kief that i collected from both nugs on top:D

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