Post Freshly Packed Bowls Pics!!!

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by burninbudz, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Thanks. It is very nice. It hold the perfect amount for my "smoke" breaks at work. And it holds a cherry nice and you can rip it pretty hard and not have a throat load of ash. Best piece I ever bought for $20 from local blower, and she was a chick. Said she made the piece for her self but I had to have it for my ol lady. lol.

  2. Smurf that is a nice piece man. It looks amazing.
  3. Bowl of OG Kush topped with hash and kief.

  4. [​IMG]

    Glass is a little dirty:confused_2:
  5. Burninbudz where'd you get that awesome bowl?
  6. The first one is posted?

    Its from a local Shop. Blown Locally too i believe.

  7. This is now one of my favourite threads. :) Nice bowls @ everyone.


  8. Great Pics everyone!!


  9. Love that second pic. amazing looking.
  10. Yeah this has a lot of amazing bowls and pieces on it.
  11. Heres one im about to hit


    And a shot of the bowl with mount cookie-more(which ill likely devour after :bongin:


    Keep e'em commin folks!!

  12. Heres another (sorry crappy webcam)

    Sportin a nice bowl and my favorite shirt :cool:


  13. Ha burninbudz i love the bowl and cookies but my fav pic is the one with the shirt saying I'm not fat I'm just easy to catch lol! I burst out laughing after seeing that.
  14. Thats the reaction i ussually get... Im a big guy(320lbs, 5'6), but i look like a 270. People sometimes snicker and i call em out and tell em its ok. haha.

  15. Lol i love the shirt its hilarious. I love this thread too. Great coming up with it. Its probably my favorite one.
  16. its okay burninbudz.. got you beat in both dpt. 6'1''. and (much more than you)... ::thinks to self, to smoke my weight in pot::: better start now, it'll take me a few lifetimes.

    also, great pics... I really like drybananna's 2nd pic.
  17. This is from a while back
    but i still think it looks tasty

  18. ^^^ Nice bowl,, really diggin the color scheme.

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