Post Freshly Packed Bowls Pics!!!

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by burninbudz, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Well there's a picture thread for everything else right? So why not?

    Besides... A fresh bowl is a beautiful thing :smoke:

    Ill start



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  2. That's not packed at all bro.

  3. Thats how much I pack for snaps... So yeah, its packed.

  4. i JUST saw this thread after i sparked the first hit out of my bowl. so i'll wait til the next one :]
  5. diggin that bowl budz!! here some i can contribute
  6. Lovin the look of those bowls Tasty!


    Keep em commin!!

  7. ill be back with some more tonight:D..
  8. Nice Bowls everyone! Keep em commin!


  9. Indeed, this.
  10. ah i wish my computer worked i have some great micro's of a keif bowl :D
  11. My new pipe with its a packed bowl. Im bout to smoke it.

  12. dude thats the tightest bowl ive seen in a minute
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    Very thick, knock you out over the head as a weapon type of thick. haha

  14. Those are some nicely packed bowls.
  15. pax bowl looks good! and so does smurfy's bud and spoon.. here is shots of all three of my bowls enjoy..:D,
  16. Nice packed bowls.

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