Post dirty and clean pipe pics!!

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    So I let someone borrow my molino mini mushroom bubbler (that I bought from grasscity!) for a couple of months and this is how they returned it. I'm not mad or anything, I actually find it kind of funny. It's being cleaned as we speak, so I'm going to post some pics of it when it is nice and shiny.



    So, I thought this was a cool idea for a thread, post pics of dirty water pipes, and then pics of them when they look brand new after a nice cleaning.
  2. Well, at least you know it got some use and wasn't just sitting around.
  3. lol, yeah. The person who borrowed it had no idea how to clean it, when she gave it back to me she was kind of embarrassed.
  4. That's better then someone who knows how to clean it and was just being lazy. I like this thread idea though. I will be participating once I dirty up some of my pieces.
  5. Damn, wish I had thought of this before I cleaned my color changing bowl. Keep this going and I'll post after I dirty up a few.
  6. Haha same here,I like the idea but it'll have to wait till I find time to clean my pipes.
  7. Haha I like the mushroom bubbler, cool. I'll post up pics in a second.

    Also, we need to mention what chemicals we're using to clean with.

    I'll post up in a few.
  8. Here we go. My camera is scratched so poor pics but you get the point.

    Coulda turned out a little cleaner if I wanted perfection, but it's much more sterile now.

    I used 91% rubbing alcohol and salt. Oh, and hot water rinse before, really hot. Works like a charm.

    The rewards are promising... Green Crack sets me nice right now!


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  9. I don't know how they were still putting there lips on that.

    yuck man i hate nasty glass..but i love this idea for a thread.

    how are those little molino bubs? i was like >< this lose to getting one but I got a SYN instead.

    it just blows my mind that people routinely smoke out of dirty glass...

    *walks away baffled..

    im so stoned right meow.

  10. We took the rubber O rings off and soaked the glass pieces in 70% isopropyl alcohol and salt.

    We used hot water as well, and for the tougher parts we heated it with a lighter to loosen the resin.

    Now it is nice and clean :smoke:

    I'd like some green crack right about now, lol.

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  11. The bubbler is great! The only problem I have with it is I KNOW the rubber is going to begin breaking down at some point. :( I'd pick a syn over a little bubbler any day. Although, this bubbler came to about $25 including shipping.

    I hate smoking out of dirty glass too. Esp. when it is a water pipe. Spoons I find okay to get a little dirty because the resin helps keep scoobies from passing through.
  12. indeed indeed.
    first off..i apologize. you are not a man. wasn't looking and its a tad out of ordinary to have a female posting.

    yeah i hate that its rubber..i'd prob try and go find a 2 piece glass downstem..see if your lhs has small downstems and you might get lucky. worth a shot

    gonna pack up another bowl, righhhttt meow.

  13. lol, that's cool. I call everyone "man" and "dude".

    Yeah, there is a pretty sweet head shop near me that I just recently found out about and they have some really nice pieces. It's a little pricey but they are high quality.
  14. Ha, wow. I didn't notice either and almost called you man as well. Every girl I've ever met that smokes is so chill though. Plus you guys have purses which is a game changer when it comes to carrying around bigger pieces! Every guy needs a female stoner friend!
  15. ah i see you are in nc??

    where at?...i was born and raised right south of charlotte.

    now i live in the upstate of sc.

    nice to have some southern tokers here.

  16. I live in the piedmont area. :smoke: I like seeing other southern tokers as well.

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