Post About Strange Occurrences Around You

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  1. Post about strange occurrences around you

  2. Some street lights go out when I drive or walk by them.

    There's this one by my house that does it more than any others. One day I was driving home from work and buddy was following me, he lost me somehow as I get to my street. Now I have to turn left, and it's a stop sign with the street light on the left side also. I get to a stop and it shuts off, okay, happens a lot no biggie. Now with my friend being lost I circle around the block, as I do this he tells me he's back on track. Now I coming to the street light again, the one that turned off earlier, and when I come to a stop, it turns on, but in a brighter light. That was weird.

    And when I was biking home from work 2 nights later, it happens again. This time I'm weirded out cause as I was heading down the street, I'm looking at the light to make sure it's on and it's not flickering. so once again as I pedal my way to the turn and arrive under the light, it shuts off. Outta nowhere just off, and this was at 2 different times.

    It's so fucking weird. It happens with street lights on random streets too, but this one gives me the most trouble. I have had a friend witness this too, and he doesnt get it.

    But ya that's my strange occurrence that happens around me.
  3. There is a model train shop in the city where I live, I'm pretty sure thats its the meeting place for some sort of cult or something. The shop always appears to be closed when I drive by it during the day, but on several occasions I have driven by it late at night, like 1AM, and its full of people... 
    Slenderman is out to get you!
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    I have long joked with my friends that I must produce an electric/magnetic field or something because street lights seem to always be turning off and on(and vice versa) when I go through. Obviously some part of this is selective memory but it's something I notice pretty continuously, in different areas, cities, etc.... it's still pretty weird in the end.
  6. may sound crazy, but when I go to sleep I can feel demons around me
  7. How do you know they are demons ?

    Could just be entities that are freightening you thus causing you fear

    They could simply be people trying to contact you in the astral world
  8. Some guy fell out of the sky into the woods last year.
  9. There is a laptop in front of me. it has GC forums on the screen. OMFG my fingers are hitting the keyboard. OMFG I am gonna post!!! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
    God was that weird.......
  10. cloud seeding.

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