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Discussion in 'General' started by Luvs2splooj, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. These 2 on my mind are just about life and our universe in general.

    What if there was no life at all in the Universe. Nothing conscious.
    There would be this whole giant unimaginably big universe, and absolutely nothing to witness it, it would just be. Since the universe is not self aware, it would almost seem like it wouldn't matter whether it existed or not at that point. Since nothing would know it was there.

    The other one is just kind of a weird thought.
    What if we never developed the ability to perceive sounds with our ears? We would know there are vibrations and such around us, but we would never know such a thing as sound existed because we would have no way of imagining what a sound is.

    Got any?
  2. What if the universe is essentially a waterless ocean.. like space creatures, coral reef type shit, but stars as well.. What if the "ufos" we think we see are really just space creatures :eek:
  3. When I was kid I wondered if God was just some Aliens chilling in a space ship in our orbit fucking with us all
  4. What's the point to this all? Day after day, we all just run in circles. We're like infiniti. Venturing out from our point of origin only to return once again. Start the cycle anew. I want something more, but I dont know what, just not this..
  5. what if we are the nost advanced life forms in all of time and space?

    no need for arguing, i know its probably not right...but what if
  6. [quote name='"THCandroid"']what if we are the nost advanced life forms in all of time and space?

    no need for arguing, i know its probably not right...but what if[/quote]

    What if our intelligence is like a pet compared to other lifeforms?
  7. don't be scurred, its only pussy !

  8. exactly. thats a good one to ponder:bongin:
  9. Ya know what truely limits a humans imagination? Sight. I mean if you look at a pic of space in the visible spectrum you won't see much but if you look at the same pic in multiple spectrums it will blow your mind. I mean we think that sight is the defining sense that helps us make sense of whats around us. Well what if an alien race saw the world through a completely different system? hell it may even be more efficient than ours since ours is a pretty small band of visible light. I mean just imagine all the insane ways animals on earth have developed in place of sight? now just imagine what kind of evolutions might have been necessary on an alien planet?
  10. What if this life is just an advanced simulation game like "the sims" from the future?

  11. I think it's possible there are alien species out there who are so far beyond us it is impossible for us to even comprehend them, the same way an amoeba can't comprehend a dog or a cat.

    I also think that humanity in its present form is only a link in the evolutionary chain and all that survives of us will be our technology or some biological-technological hybrid species. They will be the ones to make first contact because we simply aren't capable of doing it.

  12. i know we're supposed to post a unique thought, but this is pretty much what i wanted to post. what the hell is the point to all this? going to school. getting a job. for what? thats not going to make me happy. i am only going to live one very very short life, no older than 80 years...which aint shit. i can't believe i'm being forced to waste it by spending hours and hours in a classroom listening to some guy drone on about king james. why am i being forced to serve people disgusting shit of food for 8 hours a day making $8 an hour?

    i want to live. i want to be happy. there is no point to any of this. even if i get a big important job. so what? it means nothing. it means more time wasted. it means less life. it;s too bad money makes the world go round. money is everything. as much as i hate all this, if i want to survive, i have to make money by doing useless shit that i dont like. wasting my life away.

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