post a story about the best orgasm of your life so far

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by tokeallday, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. haha for me, no joke ive slept with tons of women in my time and nothing, from the erotic to the 10/10 hot to the fat bird blowjobs, EVER  felt as good as this orgasm. 
    okay so i had smoked a couple bowls and was feeling so baked, i got extremely turned on.. a couple days before my mate got pictures of like the hottest girl at uni and a video of her sucking cock. because of how horny i was at the moment, i whacked it all open on my laptop. i wanked with my left hand because for some reason it got me a better orgy.. so i whacked it off with my left hand while staring at this girls ridiculous titties and perfect arse.. and my mate had told me stories about how shes been fucked up the arse and sucked off some guys when she was in a relationship so i jacked off to the thought of us doing dirty stuff in some place public. it took me like ten minutes of hard-panting, strangely amazing feeling on my cock.. at one point i remember my cock felt like a pretty solid jelly shaped like a dick but with veins popping out.. eventually the orgasm.. and fuck  me no word of a lie i was just sat there squeeling with the most intense, amazing pleasure in my penis i have ever felt in my entire life. honest to god, it went on for like 10 seconds and the cum were like a fucking fountain. amazing.
    so fellow tokers ive told you mine, whats yours!

  2. Those are two different girls...
    Also, is it bad that my experience would involve fanta flesh mold of an ass and copious amounts of lube?
  3. shyt OP, chill lmfao
  4. you wacked it right it front of your friend??
  5. I was tied to a wood stove with pussy smashed on my face and getting the best blow job ever.
  6. i know? i didnt plan on having the same 2
    no? lol
  7. you a virgin?
  8. Had a 1/2 pound flamethrower burger from DQ, it was decent

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  9. I banged a girl one night and could not bust for the life of me, so I was just all filled up until the next night when I smoked and put on some great porn. Went at it for like 25 minutes and it was like I struck oil when I finally nutted. It went everywhere, felt great. I'm laughing really hard typing this lmao

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  10. Dude, you need to get laid...
  11. i came in a vagina and it felt good.

    idk man, ive never felt orgasms were super amazing. ive felt much more from drug use way more times.

    good no doubt, but my body can produce more enjoyable sensations
  12. You haven't had the best orgasm until you had a super orgasm.

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    OP I think you need to work on your terminology some... for example, you said: "i wanked with my left hand because for some reason it got me a better orgy."
    The key word here is orgy... which is not short for orgasm. An orgy is group sex, not an orgasm lol. 
    Edit: As for my own greatest orgasm it was the time I came in this girls ass while she was digging all 10 fingernails into my back, all 10 of which broke the skin. I like rough sex, really rough sex, with weapons :smoking:
  14. the best orgasm came from a time when a took a girl's anal virginity.
  15. It was the first not-drunk sex I had in months and I fucked my ex gf in my car behind a gas station with her riding me with no condom (for the first time sober) and it was amazing

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  16. Probably the first time I got a (good) blowjob. I was 18, the girl was 27. I came all over her face and got a bunch of jizz on her shirt, which kinda pissed her off, but once you unleash the dragon there is no controlling it.
  17. Yeah I hate that shit when girls get mad at you for jizzing on their hair or clothes.

    It's like, let me jizz in your mouth or vag or it's gonna get on your walls

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  18. When I let my girl massage my prostate. Do it guys. Just bein real..
  19. hahaha
    haha i know but i was high and really didnt care at the time ;) ... and sounds like you had a 'rough' time :D
  20. haha its hard to find a girl who gives good head. most just dont care and grind their teeth against your cock and it feels like friction burn

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