Post a pic of your UNIQUE GLASS BONG, singles only

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  1. Since I don't have a "family", I thought I would start a "singles" thread

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  2. unique glasss bong...implies one of a kind there is already a high end thread

  3. Then don't troll. Let it be :smoke:

  4. lol:D no need for duplicates
  5. Just make a Thread called Singles Only.

    Hopefully nobody willing be expecting to hook up. :rolleyes:
  6. I havn't a name for this little fellow

    The slide is a piece of shit, really low quality pyrex and has 4 or 5 chips in it but it was only 10 bucks, I feel like I have to be extremely carefull with it. I'll just have to get another one

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  7. please explain your sig... i think i was connected for a minute

  8. Lol my friend had that exact same cheap ass bong. Its cheap but it gets the job done. His slide broke so it doesnt even come off anymore.
  9. :smoke: Very good bong, That's water by the way not imperfections in the glass

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  10. Picked this up last weekend in Savannah, GA. Nothing special but a total upgrade from my old bong.
  11. Dude, that is the most gorgeous one I've ever seen.
  12. It's what this guy on gc told me after I explained my bad trip, he said not to stop smoking, he said that cannabis pressents you with two paths, one of fear and one of love and that you must chose the path of love, and each time you do its easier to connect. then he showed me the steps to connection and I made it my sig:D
  13. its not the bong thats bad, Im talking about the slide, the bong is great and its been through like 7 different friends over the course of 2 years without incident.
  14. Heres my peice the whole setup cost me about 130 dollars but its the best investment ever. a 24 inch glass on glass with diffuser downstem and then double spiral a/c and a nice clear little bowl. Also got a super fat pink diamon bowl and blue and pink spiral bowl

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  15. hey noticed your located in the 805 too thats wats up
    smokin some of that Ventura dank or wat
    we got some dank blue dream out right now shits bomb

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