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post a pic of your christmas tree

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. heres my tree

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  2. don't have one yet...:( but what a fuckin good idea for a thread!!...peace
  3. If i had my digi-cam i would but its in my dads work truck which isnt here.
  4. It wont let me post it. Its saying its to big even though it isnt.

  5. Is this better ??

    Makes it look shittier but its brighter.

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  6. we don't have one yet....:( i plan on buying a mini one though, just for spirit sakes.... The new house is too crammed for one until we get everything finally settled...:)
  7. here she is......a fibre optic one......just got it, cost me £ is an expensive time........Peace out.......Sid

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  8. ^
    haha, thats awesome, but does it light up any more than that?
  9. Im just waitin for someone to post a nice fat ganja plant all decked out with festive decorations... lol that'd just rule everything...
  10. it does light up more, but it's just hard to see it in the pic..........i've seen some plants done as christmas trees as well......can't remember where........Peace out.......Sid

  11. I half expected to see that when I clicked on this thread the first time.
  12. lol... i saw a couple christmas plants in the pic post last year... dunno if the threads are still there though.
  13. hahaha

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