Post a pic of your area.

Discussion in 'General' started by 420gitrdone, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Post a pick of your neighborhood, city, farm, surroundings, beautiful view of nature ...anything around you and well try to guess where its at or maybe you just have a nice pic of your area worth sharing like maybe an awesome toking spot. I would but its dark out and im in bed lol.
  2. Lol thats actually a nice little police station. Theres no way ill guess that haha. Austin, Texas?
  3. I live less than a mile from this Rodeo. I can hear it in the evenings when I walk outside the house. Yes I'm from Texas. Born and Raised.

  4. ForumRunner_20120319_210834.png

    This is a couple miles from my house. One of my favorite smoke spots
  5. Welcome to my CRIB
  6. I like this idea. I will post some tomorrow :)

  7. Looks cozy... ;)
  8. Had a toke up here a couple days ago.

  9. This is out my front door after it snowed last
    And this is mount hood a local Mounten from a plane
  10. [quote name='"AcousticToker"']Had a toke up here a couple days ago.


    That's an amazing view, where is this?

  11. Scotland buddy! The land where mysterious sightings of golden haggis running amok the heather, is often linked with excessive whiskey consumption.
  12. Here is a picture of my town in 2008
    SFV fires.
  13. Woah, check that smog..
  14. lol that's smoke

  15. What did you try and hot box your whole town? :rolleyes::smoke:

  16. Smog= smoky fog

    Which is what that is.. or seems to be? From the wild fires you guys had in California in 08?
  17. yup we get those brush fires every year it seems. that one was pretty bad. had ash falling like snow for miles.

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