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post 420 rant

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. hahaha
    well mm
    I didnt get hihgh for like 2 weeks before now
    mainly cause i didnt awnt ot get high so i could gt high on 420!!
    but you see
    I waited all those 2 weeks, no bud, and when 420 came...
    I DIDNT EVEN GET TO SMOOOOKE!!! I was so dissapointed ya dont even know
    i had 50 bux, buut one of my basterd family members stollle it!!graaah
    but uh
    then came along todayu
    started the day broke, without weed, without sex and without PANTS!
    haha yea well I ddont wear em to bed what shoould ya expect
    so the day goes along, super boring, had to wake up kind early
    cause my uncle i sa real basterd he dont think people should sleep past 11:00 am he thinks its unnatural
    n im like yea ok whatever it psises me off.
    but uh
    i do all this boring shit for em
    OOOH but the day got b etter
    i got with this girl
    and ooooh
    yea u get the picture
    it was fuin :D
    oops got sidetracked was talkin on aim about somthin haha
    well anywa
    i met up with a certain person, and did a job for em runnin shit n got me 50 bux!!!
    so then
    i go out with someone else you all know :) (wont tell ya tho :p) and got hooked up with some nugz 1/8th for 50 bux, n i had oNLY only
    2 bowls
    in my TINY wooden spiooon
    i AMS SOOO high
    my arms feel like they are melting
    i think its broken
    maybe i been typing too much too quick thats it
    cause im tryping a big long story
    on AIM
    and a big long story
    on HERE
    and its crazy cause wekll it is
    well anyway you heard my story how great the day went
    and post 420 rant heaven
    ash well

    RANT out
  2. lOLLL oh my god this is horrible only the simple fact im high can make this so funny haha
    but aah..i acnt even say it lol never mind just elmem eat somthin im so hungry!:p
  3. dude... that was a great read cuz im high right now too and i can just imagine righting all this crazy shit lol good stuff
  4. yup i was sober for 4/20 and today, too, but it sounds like you're having lots of fun.
  5. im sure plenty of people have gone through that same old shit....... i was sober all last 420, but not this one :d
  6. SOBER ON 420!?!?!?!?! You poor, poor stoners. i feel sorry for you. i had saved 4 grams just for 420, and smoked 3 by myself!:D
  7. Well my 4-20 i ate a bomb ass E pill and smoked mad nuggets... :) i had mad fun... to bad sty wasnt with then... but we sure as fuck got stoned tonight lol

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