Post 300!!!!! An Xplicit Content Rant

Discussion in 'General' started by xplicitcontent, Aug 20, 2002.

  1. finally made it to 300! hell yes, nah, i jus needed a reason to make a very useless post and waste peoples time. Im not high and sorta pissed because i was suppose to go with this girl i got the number from yesterday at a pizza place and take her for a good time and get some chronic while we're out. Unfortunettly, things got a lil dry and she got a lil bizzy so no chronic and no girl. Then i can't see my firends cuz im stuck at a damn car dealer for the rest of the night trying to get my damn car. I finally get it, and its nice to say the least, but i get in my house, finish putting up stars in my room to trip me out whenever im stoned and bam, i step on f'n sciccors. i go to pick up the scissors and bam, i cut my finger on them. My foots bleedin all over my carpet and my finger hurts, err, well anyways, this was just a sober rant so imma go to sleep and wait till tomorrow. Oh, and i forgot to call the girl back and its too late at night since she has to work tomorrow morning. Dammit!

    Oh and this is my 300th post, yay.

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