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  1. Well I'll start it off.
    My dog Sampson

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    looks like the dog is a chick magnet and i think he gets the ladys. lol its funny cuz i see the dog like brock sampsion from the venture brothers. (my friend tim he looks like a crack head in this pic)

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  3. lol you look righteously lit

    [​IMG]haha definitely gets the lady's
  4. Those are some true puppy dog eyes, I bet he gets what he wants! hahaha

    Here's one of my baby girls, her name is Emjay :smoking:

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  5. Beautiful cat!

    My background haha

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  6. I like how there's very little color, makes it stand out and gives it a very nice touch on the black and white.

    Here's my other baby girl Abby.

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  7. Oh my God, I love cats!

    Here's one of Kurt Cobain holding a kitten that looks exactly how one my cats used to look!

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  8. Here's a picture I took of a place by my house.
  9. Dude, you totally didn't comment on the last photo, whats up with that?

    But totally dig the clouds in your photo.

    I love my mountains, I love being surrounded by nature.

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  10. That's so awesome. Must be a kickass place to toke.

    Here's a picture I took just a street over from my house. Can you spot the cat? I was high and I could swear he was giving me an evil look, haha.

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  11. I has found cat! haha

    I have no idea whats going to post im going to pick a picture at random from my paint documents hahaha this could be interesting

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  12. That's a pretty sweet picture!

    Here's a massive picture of a really adorable dog. Makes a sweet wallpaper! Just click the photo when the box thing pops up, and you can see it in full size.

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  13. lol the idea was to post a picture you have taken or created, not something off the internet.
    My 160 gig ipod and killer panosonic retro headphones....I want more bass though :[
  14. Lovin the headphones!

    Another one at random haha

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  15. that is random lol

  16. a photo i took at night from a water taxi in venice, italy.

    that photo of the animals is wild... that is fucking nature and the circle of life!

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  17. very cool looking! loveee the lights!

    My boyfriend (spikeystud88 for those that know him here) and I do concert photography, this is from my first show i shot (warped tour), first band, i was proud lol

  18. i thought we didnt have roooom for picture threads. :cool:
  19. theres always room for picture threads...


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