Post 1: hihi! when you get high, what happens for you?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by barbie, May 14, 2006.

  1. hi, i'm barbie! been reading here a lot but never posted in past. too high too. hehe. but this my first post so :wave:

    well, my first question to those reading this, when you get super high, what happens to you? i've compiled my list. anyone else here get the same?

    -muscles twitch but not shake like i'm cold
    -my muscles twitch in time with the music
    -in regards to muscle twitching, if i put on really fast music, then i look like i'm going into a fit. no really. this has happened a few times. :eek:
    -i get absolutely lost in the music and as if almost my heart feels it too. weird, i know. i mean it and then everything infront of me doesn't feel like i'm there... i hope i am making sense here.
    -my heart can race up to 160bps. no, seriously it can. from calm to adreneline junky.
    -i brainstorm with the most lateral way!!! my complete logical side of the brain switches off and when i try to think up solutions to some puzzle (for example), my mind thinks laterally to solve the puzzle whereas the when i'm sober, i'd automatically use logical. make sense, yeah? i think this idea was just one of them. hehehehe. woot?

    ok. that's my introduction and a piece of diving into my inner thoughts. hehe. :smoking:

    nice to meet you.
  2. i guess im first to say welcome to the city!:wave:

    and to answer your question, i usually just like to look at things; lights more then anything and i see the world differently. I usually like to blabber my mouth alot when im high, only way to counteract that is to eat. so i eat alot wen i smoke.
  3. Hey, Welcome to the City! :wave:

    well, when i get REALLY high, all i can do is lay there and watch the colors on the back of my eyelids while i chill to music(i dont like getting that high because i cant do much)

    i prefer the high where i am giggly and giddy and just find everything so facinating. More of a sativa high where i am floating kind of feeling.

    i have been getting a twich when i am NOT under the influence. In my left eye(feels like a pulsing, like i FELL my blood pumping) and my arms and hands have been shaky lately, hard to make them be still and my legs have been fidgety tooo

    jesus i kinda kept rambling here haha sorry :smoke:
  4. Hello, I'm new to the city as well. I've just been reading a bunch of grow journals and what not, and since we all lost OG, I've been looking for another place to frequent, and now I have found it!

    When I get real high, I normally lose all capabilities of talking :). i just sit there and laugh, and laugh, yes usually at something, not nothing. otherwise ill just stare off into to space as my brain switches off and i get sucked into the beautfiul colors. after that ill get the spins and then ill go to sleep. which i must say is one of the best sleeps ive experienced. the spins suck though, i usually bash my head on something from them. (one time at my friends we smoked some nice stuff, and i was sitting on his futon and my head kept smackin into the pole of the back of the futon, just to put it in perspective so it doesnt look like i walk around just spinnin into walls ;))

    to what tokin said: dont your eyelids feel so incredibly heavy that you cant open them? and thats why you look at the colors through your eyelids? haha. i know it happens to me.
  5. Welcome to the city. Damn I don't think that my highs ever get to the point where I twitch, or can't talk or see colours in the back of my eyelids. I just get really chilled out now, and nothing really matters anymore. Just sitting back and relaxing is all I seem to want to do. I like smoking right up to that point but not getting there because thats where I experience my energetic high where everything becomes 'inhanced' and I just want to go, go, go. Enjoy posting!
  6. HI, welcome to the CITY!!

    for your question, when i get high, i smoke more, to try n get higher (always unsuccessful)
  7. welcome to the city.Have fun smoking,.:smoke:
  8. Wow..weirrdd lol..But welcome to the city..

    And barbie? seriously.
  9. haha. yes. i wonder if someone can make a barbie smoking weed avatar. lol
  10. I'm new here too. I like to feel how my body gets more and more relaxed until I feel like I'm floating. Also like to play video games while listening to reggae and eating some chocolate cup cakes filled with cream and a glass of milk. Damn, I just got the munchies, see you around.
  11. yeah man. that's my favourite pass time too! yeah, you got the right frame of mind. hehe...:D
  12. Welcome to The City, I'm sure you'll like it here. As for my highs the first thing I notice is that my vision gets EXTREMELY clear, and has a slight hue to it, mainly like watching a movie. I still get strobe vision from time to time and my body feels extremely light. A trillion thoughts go through my head at one time, which always leaves me examining something.
  13. Welcome. When I'mhigh and I'm sitting down I feel like I am on a roller coaster going up and down really fast it's awesome.
  14. Welcome to the city.

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