possibly trying extacy this saturday

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  1. This may be the wrong section but im not 100% sure

    Ok well this week im going to my gf's homecoming.(shes a senior and im a freshmen in college) I'm friends with alot of this kid in her grade and one of my bestfriends whos also going wants me to "roll" with him. Ive done a decent amount of research on erowid but i would like to hear peoples personal opinions and any tips aswell as stories. discuss

    PS- hes getting it for me and to be honest i have no idea how strong it will be and i live in the us
  2. The Pandora's Box section has lots of goofy kids doing goofy things and talk of trying new drugs but this section is good too. Get some girls and it will make your rolls 2x better.

  3. it went form 3x better to two times better!!
  4. Ya, I thought 2x was a little bit more acurate. It is rounded down from 2.3157x better. You can see how I made the mistake. If you had twins however then its over 9000x better.

  5. hahahaha my man and ima try my best to get some
  6. You're going to roll IN prom or after? I say do it after.
  7. do it up at prom itll be ablast. my buddy and his gf split a washout at prom, probably like 10 hits each, that shit was too funny.
  8. rolling with bitches around is awesome...bitches, lights, and music= awesome time rolling..mdma is a great drug

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