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  1. Ok well this week im going to my gf's homecoming.(shes a senior and im a freshmen in college) I'm friends with alot of this kid in her grade and one of my bestfriends whos also going wants me to "roll" with him. Ive done a decent amount of research on erowid but i would like to hear peoples personal opinions and any tips aswell as stories. discuss

    PS- hes getting it for me and to be honest i have no idea how strong it will be and i live in the us
  2. All i can say is be careful bro. Since you dont have a testing kit it comes down to trusting your source. E is an awesome experience and its only normal to be nervous about something you have never done before. Really the only one that can answer this question is YOU. I will give you this bit of advice. If you have never rolled before i dont suggest doing it at a highschool homecoming. I dont know how you will act or appear on E but when im rolling hella hard, i cant hide it lol. You can look at me and know im fucked up. Id just be careful not to get you or your girlfriend in any trouble. P.L.U.R.
  3. Oh yeah btw are you going to be doing this at a house party or in club environment ????

  4. club enviorment
  5. dont do it
    unless you want HOLES IN YOUR BRAIN!

    kidding, chill
  6. Rolling for your first time in a club may not be the best idea. How are you on other drugs? Most of the common posters in the box can handle their shit so you probably could do it, the last thing you want is getting your night fucked up because you were mega obvious.
  7. i rolled at my senior prom, best decision ever
  8. I would ask whoever is getting the rolls what type they are and try to do my research about them before rolling to decide if I would want to do them. If they're legit pills I would do them. It's the most fun you'll have on a drug especially if other people are rolling with you. I wouldn't do it if there are going to be supervisors and other people around who could possibly fuck you over if they were to find out that you were fucked up.
  9. if its only gonna be one i wouldnt see much harm
    but just try to find out about them

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