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  1. Hey people, ive recently begun VEG for my Nirvana White Widow and Blackjack.

    Ive taken my first attempt to do some LST and topping. I have tooped the 2 main tops 2 times.

    First time i topped it was just the main tops.

    2 days later it started growing back. So i let it grow.

    Is this benificial to leave?
    Will its developement hinder my plants growth at all or just off with its head again?

    I will post a pic so you can get a better understanding.

    Heres my specs if it helps any.

    Fox farm ovean forest soil
    Fox farm big bloom and grow big.
    400w MH cooltube
    23 days in since the seedlings popped its head up.

    Any HELP is appreciated. Smart asses can dip now.

    Thanks my fellow growers!
  2. I foolishly forgot to mention i also topped the all the tops on both plants 2 days ago.
  3. You can do what you want when it comes to topping, fiming But I myself always let at least 3 new nodes grow after the first 5 - 6 node topping or fiming to top or to fim again.
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  4. 1458573003794.jpg 1458573020046.jpg 1458573031264.jpg
    Here they are.
  5. I see, i wont be needing to top again as i was worried about space when this thing blows up.

    So i topped the main once. Waited a week and topped the rest.

    What do you gather from the pics. I did pinch these out by hand. No blade.
  6. I can't tell from the pics, but when I started every so often I would get a bad top. Pinch too much or not enough and only get one new sprout. You have to do it by feel so it isn't always perfect. Someone said it above but after 3 nodes (every 4th) is a good rule. I start when the plant seems strong enough...sometimes 4 and before six typically. And pinching is the way to go.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
  7. Thanks for the input. I have to check the nodes. I believe it was on its 5th node. These babies shot up like wildfire after i fed them some nutes.

    Hopefully this comes out well. Thanks
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  8. Looks like your going to have a couple of nice bush's to me. They look good and healthy!

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  9. Thanks paulie ill make a journal afterward or present. Lets see how it goes.

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