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Possibly THE coolest thing I have ever seen!

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. That is sick, Atleast I found a new screen saver. How long does it go on for?
  2. I think about 1 minute on the fastest setting, but normally, probably 5 minutes? Idk it's looped so it goes on forever I thought it was intense :D
  3. Very good. I'm just coming up to ripped and watched about five minutes. I would've kept going but I started to feel queasy:) Very cool though. +rep for a good find.

  4. Wow that's amazing...really appealing to the eyes too!

    people who make art such as this have to have some kind of interactions with psychedelics in there life just amazes me that someone who hasn't seen the insides of there brain and the inner workings of life can simply think of something like this...boggles the mind at times...for me at least ;)
  5. I thought it was pretty wicked and I agree, there had to be some psychedelic influence! Thanks for the +rep Melt :D
  6. GOnna bump this for the homies that didn't catch a look
  7. Bump so people can see this kickass art.

    really nice find +rep
  8. Has anyone looked at that while trippin yet?
  9. thats awesome.
  10. Just stoned and yacked out, not trippin :(
  11. GOnna bump this for all the homies who didnt see it. Just one last time because I'm sure some more peeps can geta kick out of it
  12. damn, that shit is tight. next time I trip i'll try to remember to watch it.
  13. yeah mayne when im baked I just stare at it forever

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