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  1. Alright, so you gotta read this whole thing before you make judgments.

    So, tonight, I was pretty bored and was perusing chatroulette. A little while goes by and I get paired with this really hot chick. We get to talking about the usual, how old we are and whatnot (she's a freshman in college). But then, I ask where she's from and it turns out that we're only an hour apart from one another.

    For full disclosure, she told me where she lived first and I know she was "real" because she had her mic turned on.

    Cut to a little bit later and I tell her I that I gotta go. I said nice meeting you and expected to leave it at that. But, she gives me her number and tells me to text her.

    Now, this is where I'm confused on what to do. Meeting a girl over chatroulette is extremely shady. Some can say it's questionable. However, she was hot. And I'm a guy.

    I realize that nothing is really going to come of this. I'm not exactly willing or enthusiastic about meeting a total stranger an hour away from me. But, I figured, if I ever find myself in her area, I'd have a girl I could chill with (if I continue to talk to her that is).

    So, I come to you GC. What would you do in the situation? Is it a waste of time? Is it even respectable? I'm pretty confused cause I've never been in this sort of situation.
  2. sounds sketch. i wouldn't fuck with it.
  3. The only thing is that I don't wanna give out my number like that. I almost got scammed on Craig's List early this year too.

    My head is saying don't do it, my dick is saying do it.
  4. See where it goes, if you met her, then she is real, so go for it, not like it will cost you any more than any other chick you will meet.

    If she asks for anything big in the first 3 years, then she could be a scammer.
  5. For all you know, she just wants $75 for a good fuck. Win/Win :)
  6. What exactly could go wrong if somebody got my number?

    It's personal information but I don't know if people would be able to go through bank accounts and stuff like that if they got even a little bit of info.
  7. Text her and see whats up.
    If a meeting ever goes down, meet in a public area, and/or bring a couple buddies for lookouts. Might be trying to set up a easy robbery or something. Never know man but hot bitches are pretty tempting.
  8. This probably isn't the case, but take my story into consideration.

    I had a good friend I grew up with since my younger days but he'd always been a little less fortunate than myself and the other kids. Once he became a teenager he started committing crimes to earn money. Eventually he got bad into drugs, mostly cocaine and his addiction prompted him to commit armed robberies and carry out elaborate schemes to get more. The transformation was scary to watch and only one other of our friends knew what was going on but we kept quiet.

    Anyway that's just some background, point is, he used to recruit snow bunnies ( coke whores ) who were decently attractive and have them flirt and pretend to be interested in the guy, and set them up nice and vulnerable to be robbed at gunpoint by our friend. Mind you I was never there for any of this I just knew what he was doing. He is serving time in prison for reasons I don't know or care about because I've cut all ties. But what a shame.
    Moral is, there are some CRAZY people out there. So be careful what strangers you decide to trust. Because it can definitely end badly. Then again, you could just get laid. Who knows.

  9. Maybe she wants a fuck/toke buddy.

    Don't mess this up op.
  10. That's why I said for all I know he could be getting a one way ticket to pound town.
  11. I was gonna say there's no harm in texting her, but after ChronicPhonix's post, I'm not so sure. I mean there definitely are some crazy people out there, but some normal people also use Chat Roulette when they're bored...who knows. Just the possibility of her being a psychopath or being involved in murderous crimes might make you question whether it's worth it to talk to/meet her.

  12. Thanks for the advice. I didn't even think of the possibility that I could be involving myself in something that serious.
  13. Well he didn't do it on chat roulette he just hung out in the bad area of town and knew people.

  14. Yeah but it's still the same concept. And now that I'm thinking about it, this is the same plot of Red State. I don't know if you've seen it but it's a movie about these kids who meet a girl in a chatroulette-type chat room and go out to meet her. It turns out that it was a trap and they're all brutally tortured and murdered by this group of hillbillies.
  15. Give her a call and invite her to YOUR hood
  16. 55% chance of a tranny, 55% chance of a big black guy named bubba, -10% of a legit hot girl.
  17. How do you know shes hot?

    You said her mic was on but did you have picture to?

    If you talked to this bitch face to face ( through a computer lol ) deffinatley text her and smash. If she described herself to you and you thought she sounded hot i wouldnt take the chance.

    And dont be scared to hit her up, I highly doubt you will be robbed at gunpoint. Id say its about the same chance of being a customer in a store that gets robbed.
  18. Dud just meet up with her in your hood at a public place like a coffee shop. Once your sure she's not a giant black guy take her to your house and pound. Unless your down with giant black guys then take him to your house and get pounded.

  19. Yeah, it was over video w/ sound. So I saw her and she responded to everything I was saying in a natural way. So I highly doubt that it was a fake video.

    Usually you can spot those out.
  20. Hit her up ***** whatchu duin on GC dont you like pussy?

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