Possibly its just me....

Discussion in 'General' started by Hambone2, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else notice when you get high during the day time everything becomes more vivid?
  2. It's called euphoria, google dat shit.

    I think, I actually don't know if euphoria fucks with your vision.
  3. Maybe it's the lighting.
    Most things in the dark aren't vivid.
  4. i rarely smoked during the day back when i did smoke. i dunno, i had shit to do during the day and wanted to be sober for it. my whole smoking phase was me smokign at nigh before bed listening to music and reading random wiki articles. was fucking awesome. oh well. that time is over, and the whiskey time has begun....which sucks. cause it makes me puke after awhile. which weed did not do.
  5. No what im saying, ill be out back and smoke and then the trees and everything will become just really vivid.
  6. Yeah I feel you OP.
    I love smoking in nature, I rather smoke outside at a cool spot.
    After I'm sufficiently baked, I just look at random shit.
  7. yea i know exactly that feel OP, like everything is fuggin 2016p HD or some shit haha.

    At night its basically the opposite for me lol

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