Possibly huge plant growing in my frontyard

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  1. I live in a fairly tightly built suburban neighborhood, & I park in front of my house next to a small patch of bark that grows some bushes & a couple small trees. Lately, as I step out of my car I become overwhelmed with the smell of fresh skunk. There are some plants in my area that smell like this, so I've just blown it off as that & never looked in-depth.

    Yesterday, when I got out of my car the smell was very pungent, & I looked right in front of me was a tree I'd never seen before. It looked so alien to the environment. It's branches were full of small, silver-dollar-sized leaves, which grew in close proximity to each other. Upon closer examination I realized these leaves were exactly identical to pot leaves. Keep in mind, this is right where I park my car, so most likely right where I would have thrown out some bagseeds on many of occasions. It's the hottest time of the year right now, where I live. It hasn't begun to flower yet, just tons of leaves. I'm not sure if this thing is a male or female plant, but I'm almost positive it is a marijuana plant. I'm amazed it has gone unnoticed by me, seeing as I park in this spot every day & the plant is 3ft. from the road. It is the same size as the trees around it (aprox. 7ft. tall) so it just looks like another tree, but there are no others, ANYWHERE, that look like this one.

    Can anyone provide some info as to if this is even possible? This thing has a tree trunk about 6in. diameter, the leaves are very small, about the size of a silver-dollar, & it definitely stinks (but it's not flowering or anything, I see no evidence of trichromes, or hairs), though I have no experience of growing so I really have no idea whats to come. Will it begin to flower? or what?


  2. Doubt it's a MJ plant.

    But I guess there is always that possibility.

    Pics are probably needed here for a much more accurate opinion.
  3. Are there plants that look exactly similar? I know what a pot leaf looks like, & I even compared it to a picture to make sure it was in fact a pot leaf.

  4. There are some trees and bushes that do have leaves that look very similar, almost identical to pot leaves.
  5. Dude put a picture up of this monster you speak of!
  6. If you out up pics then we can tell. But marijuana can grow in a tree-like formation.
  7. it's a maple tree......leaves the size of a silver dollar...it has to be a maple. No 7' ganja plant has leaves that small, i don't care what the strain is.

    As for the skunk smell...it's probably cat spray.
  8. I'll get a pic & post it. There are plenty of maples trees in my area, & this is definitely not a maple tree. The way the branches grow out from the center trunk, with the leaves all crowded very close to the branches makes it look much like a marijuana plant. The only thing that baffles me is that the leaves are so very small, though there are strains that have small leaves, correct?

  9. i say japenese maple
  10. yeah i agree its probably a chinese oak or a japanese maple. they have leaves with 5 7 or even 9 fingers that can look like pot. i doubt its pot simply because it would not have gotten veyr tall. it is possible that a plants could grow from your bagseed. but even if it did which is unlikely, it would not get very big. take a look at the thread, it was just on here the other day about how a kid threw some bagsedd off his porch into a flower bed. one day he looked down and there was pot mixed in with the daisies. ill find the link
  11. this is a japenese maple

  12. It's different than a japanese maple, because I have those growing very close to this plant. & this plant has leaves only reaching maybe 1in.-2in. away from the branches. It doesn't look like a normal tree at all, it looks like a mutated pot tree.

  13. Man we need pics! We could be having a breakthrough here! Smoke some and see if it taste like weed, if it is, get a shitload of those seeds and spread them throughout the world!
  14. Google a plant called cleome. I bet this is what you have in your yard. I run across them all the time and they do have an odor that will make you think its maryjane.
  15. No, it's not a cleome. No flowers, & it clearly has many leaves. Sorry, my cell phone takes too poor of pictures to make it worthwhile. & my other camera is in the possession of my father, currently.

  16. get that camera quick!

  17. Trim a branch off and put on a white peice of paper, then take a picture.:hello:

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