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  1. ight, so, frosted glass is pretty cool right? well i saw this spray on frost stuff and was wondering if you could or have ever sprayed it on a bong or pipe and how well it worked?

  2. fuck spraying chemicals on a medicating device for a cheap visual effect.
  3. i wouldnt have a spray thing id rather have it blown frosted. Like gglass on glass bowl pieces

    not to jack yo thread but i had a cool idea too... imagine a bubbler/steamroller

    Wouldnt that be sick?. like right below the bowl piece would be a down stem goining into a little chamber of water, that would def work.
  4. that woukd be sick man, but. dont mean like on the inside or near a hole, just like around the neck, tape off like strips, idk if itd work but id try if i still had a bong.
  5. If it sprays on it can and will come off. It would probably look cool at first but would wear down every time it's handled.

    And c'mon man. If a guy wants to make his bong (or lack there of apparently) better than he can do watever he wants to do so.

    I look at bongs as art, not purely medical instruments. I have one called stickers covered in stickers just for the fun of it.

    Oh, and get yourself a bong!

  6. i'm all for personalizing a piece and whatnot, but i don't think it's a good idea to be spraying a compound over a piece you are inhaling something from. this IS a person's health we are talking about here.
  7. I would get a bong, but i dont have a job or money really, and i really dont think there is a health concern if it is only on the outside, i was just wondering if anyone had done it before, to see if it even worked.

  8. those are bought pre made and are grinded down afterward for the frosting.

    Any other etching is by sandblasting, borosilicate can not be etched by chemicals

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