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  1. Hey! I’m not sure if I’m doing this correctly but I just passed a hair follicle test about two weeks ago for court and during the time beforehand I was searching and searching things up like mad crazy to pass the test because idk bout y’all but I likes to get high! Period! But during my search for answers and/or “secret info” on how to pass the “un-passable” test I didn’t see much info for African Americans like myself. So here’s what I did to prepare for the test about 8-9 days prior to me taking it.
    - Quick sidenote: I have thin hair and I won’t lie and say I stopped smoking for however many days bc I didn’t! I had officially stopped completely for 3 full days until I got around some people (I know I’m wack but I want to be honest here) and smoked like ehh.. 2-3 days before I took it.
    So first things first I do recommend following basics as far getting a new comb, brush, towels for your hair and also a new scarf/bonnet during this process. Then I spoke with a girl on and she gave me this mixture kinda similar to the “Jerry G” or “Majuco” without all the dyeing .. yes let’s make that clear I did NOT dye nor did I bleach my hair and clearly I didn’t need to!
    Here’s the method as followed... You will need.
    - Aloe Vera ( the kind you use for sunburn)
    - Apple Cider Vinegar
    - Baking Soda
    -Lemon juice
    - 2 Super Perms (one for the beginning of the week and one for the day before the test!)
    -2 Boxes Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo (I would buy the # of boxes based of the fullness and texture of your hair)

    For starters I permed my hair 5 days before I had to take the test and left it on for 15 minutes (make your roots the focal point). And Considering the fact that I’m natural it only loosened my texture more than anything! I washed the perm straight out with apple cider vinegar and t/sal the first time and did not use the shampoo or conditioner in the perm box!

    So then for the rest of the week leading up to the test I made a paste everyday with the aloe Vera, Apple cider vinegar and baking soda and let it sit for 1 hr+ twice a day and rinsed the mixture out with lemon juice and then washed hair with ogx thick & full + biotin and collagen shampoo. Mind you I did not use any styling product except the little hair lotion that came in the perm box so my hair was dry dry for 4 days straight but hey gotta pass y’know? Then the day before the test I permed my roots once again then washed it out with sulfur 8 shampoo ( this time I got chemical burns but not as bad as I thought). Proceeded to add paste mixture right after and let it sit for about three hours before washing it out, towel drying hair and wrapping it up for the evening! Now we’re at the morning of so re-did the mixture once again that morning and let it sit for about two hours then washed that out and immediately started the Zydot process after carefully reading the instructions. So with that I decided to actually combine the two boxes aka use whole shampoo pack for first wash then apply both packs of the purifier into head then use full pack of shampoo to rinse and then both packs of the conditioner on head. Each time interval I added about 10-20 more minutes to that for the Zydot and after I conditioned I lightly styled my hair into a ponytail and headed towards the office. No extra I didn’t need to take off my headrest just keep my hair tied up until I got there. The cut my hair and 3 weeks later I found out I passed and I can get back to my normal life now! Don’t let a little smokey smoke bring your life down! I’m too cute for jail. But to add some extra I would also recommend bleaching your sheets and pillow cases just to be for sure! I hope this can help someone out there because I was having panic attacks and bad anxiety so I know it’ll feel good to get some relief :) It’s a cheat code to anything in life!

    - bless up!
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  3. I wish I had known this before I started bleaching. ‍♀️ I’ve bleached 5x and got my hair in a pixie cut. I took my test today. I hope I passed. My kids are on the line

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