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  1. Is it possible to grow 1 or any plants under those 2' long flouros, i have 2 15w CW and was wondering if that is enought light to sustain any growth or budding??>>.....

  2. i've not had any experience with fluros but i imagine you'd need more wattage than that...depends on the size of you're grow room....better with a HPS light...or MH and then HPS is the way i do it.....Peace out.....Sid
  3. enuf floros will work for veg but must have hps for good buds!
    100watts or more per plant

    good luck!
  4. Ave,
    you may have already heard this. but Im using 2 40w cool whites, and my plant is 2 weeks into flowering, shes budding rather nicely and more than I expected, 30 watts in total might be a way different story, get the highes wattage you can find for your flourescent fixture, they are not expensive 5 bucks at the max. but get some more watts in there.

    take care, stay safe.

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