Possible Zinc Problem, and don't use Scott's StaGreen Soil

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  1. Hey Grasscity peeps, thanks for reading my post :D. I have a few questions for anyone with a little more experience than me in plant problems.

    Here's the breakdown:

    Lighting: 6x 6500k 26w BrightEffects CFLs 24/0
    Temps: Around 75* F
    Fan Circulating air over plants to encourage stem growth and prevent overheating
    Watered every 1 - 2 days based on weight and finger test
    Age in Photos: 5 weeks
    Original Soil: Scott's Green Potting Soil
    Transplant Soil: Generic potting soil without nutrients

    Week 1:

    Originally planted in 12 oz Part cups with Scott's Green Potting Soil. This soil contains nutrients in the form of small white and green pellets. I would not plant them in this soil again.

    The original leafs and second set of leaves turned yellow, died, and crumbled. Started at the tips and worked its way down the leaf. I assume this is due to the nutrients in the soil, so it was time for a transplant to remedy my mistake.

    Week 4:

    Transplanted to larger cups after 3-4 weeks with nutrient-free potting soil. (Generic soil from the gardening store that came in 40lb bags)

    Currently around week 5 (from emerging from the soil):

    They look like the attached pics. For the first few days in the new soil they looked terrific, reaching up towards the lights. However, they now are starting to look droopy and are turning a light green color starting from the newest growths and spreading downwards.

    I attached a picture where you can see the areas where leaves used to be, but were removed due to being dead and crumbly. They are around their 5th node now, although most only have 3 sets of leaves remaining. Could the lack of lower leaves cause the plant to not flower well?

    Looking at http://www.greenmanspage.com/guides/plant_abuse.html leads me to believe I may have a Zinc deficiency, but I'd like the advice of a more experience person on what to do.

    I'm almost confident that the original problem was the nutrient level in the soil, I assume that when they were transplanted the roots stretched out of the cruddy soil and into the nice new dirt that wasn't so toxic to them.

    Also, when would be a good time to start 12/12?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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  2. I agree, looks like zinc deficiency. It will disappear once you start a regular nute program. Unless it's being caused by nute lockout due to high Ph. If you can test ph, do it. Ideal is 6.0-6.5. You want to start 12/12 when you're ready to flower, which is up to you. Personally, I am in vegetative growth for 8-12 weeks, depending on strain, then ~8 weeks of flowering under 12/12. It's possible to start sooner than 8 weeks, but your yield will be smaller. Also, be sure that your 12/12 is in TOTAL darkness. If more than the equivalent of a firefly is on, it will dramatically affect yield.

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