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  1. First time grower and was wondering what my girls possible yield/weight could be. 2017-08-02 16.19.44.jpg 2017-08-02 16.25.39.jpg They're 3 months old and the tallest ones in both pics are approximately 4 feet tall, and are showing the first stages of flowering.
  2. with so little lateral branching I would be checking for males. Seems the get a bit of shade, but look healthy. If they are all fems you are going to get mostly main colas, if you feed them to the max 2-3oz per plant, that is a guess. Without what strain they are, what kind of soil or light exposure they get it's really hard to give an answer, I would bet im not too far off.
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  3. Those plants wont produce much. Maybe quarter to half pound total.
  4. Well the sun is about a gazillion watts. So my guess is somewhere between a gazillion grams and an oz.
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    20170802_141011.jpg 20170802_141233.jpg I guess in the pics you can't see that the 3 biggest ones have 6 kolas each and a lot of lateral growth, maybe I should have taken close ups. I have other plants in pots that I have using LST with and they're short yet very bushy
  6. Top pic is 4 plants 3 are now at just over 4 feet and the smaller one at about 3 feet

    Bottom pic is 4 plants 3 are now over 4 1/2 feet and the smaller one is almost 4 feet.

    Total in ground plants are 8
  7. This whole time I was reading thru your posts with a deeper voice in my head, then your nail polish came up lol.

    In those first two pics I'm guessing..... 4-8oz? Keep us updated
  8. There's going to be a lot of Koalas running around, I hope you have a large supply of eucalyptus.
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  9. Hahaha...... too funny! And I am very surprised there aren't more women growers?
    I'll definitely keep everyone posted!
  10. Ahahaha......... typo, I meant Kolas, and unfortunately for me I don't live in Australia!
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  11. Keep in mind they are not a cola until the flower fills in and makes one long continuous bud cluster.

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