Possible Week 7 Problems (gotta be kidding me.) Pictures update

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    This is my first grow. I'm a medical patient and did TONS of research. Have a lot of "Pros" that have helped, not going to pull the "LOOK HOW GOOD I DID" card.

    Plants : 9 Trees

    Light : 1000w HPS (Not air cooled :[, honesty is just my virtue)

    Nutes : Foxfarm liquids and powders, Humbolts Gravity/ Snow Storm ULTRA

    Soil : Ocean forest 5 gallons

    1 sweet tooth/ 1 pineapple express/ 3 Sweet Island Skunk / 1 Purple Kush/ 3 Strawberry cough

    Pics upcoming soon.

    But the problem is I'm thinking I see some abnormal formation of the Sweet Tooths main cola. The tip top looks like it had some lumps I took out (No seed starts in them). I'm just REALLY worried about doing so well and have a hermie come out in f*#@ing week 7.

    First question : On hermies do the "seed sacks" start at the main cola and then affect the rest?

    Second question: Is it normal for foliar sprays to change the hairs color earlier than natural and does that matter?

    [​IMG] old

    [​IMG] old

    [​IMG] This is a recent snap of the bud i'm worried about day 4 week 7
  2. pictures
  3. IMO that looks like it's got more time than one week to go. Are any of those strains a sativa dominant if so you have a couple more weeks and I've never heard of foliar spay in flower why would you want to get the flowers wet and then possible chemical taste. For the hermie go inside of your room with the light off and see if any light leaks in any at all there should be none whatsoever the only way I heard of hermies is light leaks or a whole lot of stress to the plants hope this helps

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