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Possible ways to clean dark colored iso hash

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Im blunter, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Alright so I'm brand new here and I have been reading around for like 2 years and from what I've learned the best way to make good quality qwiso is the freezing of the 99% alcohol and weed before making the hash, followed by 15 second washes, the product of this is a good quality cloudy yellow oil but

    I just got done reading something that says chloroform is the most effective solvent for the extraction of thc but I also understand that chlorophyll and waxes are insoluble in chloroform

    So my question is if I took my finished dry qwiso product and dissolved it in chloroform and strained it through a paper coffee filter would it result in a product that is somewhat free of waxes and chlorophyll or other contaminations that cause a qwiso product to be dark colored or even black
    Any support will be appreciated, thanks

    Also if i put the qwiso in a mason jar with boiling water and shake it till it cools to get some of the impurities that are water soluble to drop out to result in a clearer iso oils
  2. Bump. Curious about this.
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    Thanks for the response Susan but not the particular answer I was looking for because SWIM already redissolved his product in ethyl alcohol before only to result in a sour tasting product with a harsh smoke for whatever reason. That is why this is not the desired method.

    I was kinda hoping someone could tell me my question is either a feasible way of purifying qwiso oil or a horrible experiment that should never be attempted even if one could aquire chloroform for such an extraction
  4. Why not just try it?
  5. I don't have access to chloroform so I can't test that one but I will try the boiling water to remove impurities and tell you how it turns out wish me luck
  6. I would highly recomend a hexane water seperation or possibly a salt extract

    nothing short of thats really gonna lighten it up.

    When you tried EtOh before did you freeze the etoh and filter threw a coffee filter?
  7. I'm curious about the hexane/saltwater separation u mentioned if u could post a link or just explain it to me it sounds like it would clear my oil up seeing as how it's similar to the process of washing DMT since all it is is a separation of polar and non polar

    And also I asked SWIM when he re-dissolved his QWISO product in EtOh and he told me that he froze the ethanol prior to re-dissolving but did not put the mixture into the freezer for fear of explosion as he does not have a solvent safe freezer and he has had problems in the past with fumes igniting and is still a bit scared because as we all know the fumes coming off alcohol are much heavier than air and can ignite with just a single spark.

    Anyways could that be the reason why it ended up tasting bad or was it because he didn't decarboxylate it afterwards to help purge it of ethanol so was this where the sour taste came from that I mentioned before in a previous post

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