Possible to use veg fert for flowering temporarily?

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  1. Hey just a quick question for the community. I am starting to flower and my girl looks a little hungry i believe. Some of the leaves almost look like they have a N deficiency. However maybe this is not something i should be worrying about during flowering.. Is it possible to feed them a little Earth Juice Grow without causing any issues? I know the the NPK ratio of Earth Juice Grow is 2-1-1. Plant is in the middle of 2nd week of flowering. It is currently potted in Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. And PH is 6.5.. Like i said she looked a little hungry and buds seem to be growing a little slow. Maybe this is normal for only 2nd week. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You should definitely supplement it with a bloom fertilizer. One that contains good percentage of K mainly (and a nice percentage of P of course, but not something exaggerating, it is a myth that mj needs too much P during flower). Potassium is needed at bigger ratios in comparison to N and P during flowering. After the third week of flowering serious budding begins to take place and it would be a shame to leave your baby complaining for food ;)
  3. Yeah its only going to be a temporary thing. I have other stuff on the way however i will not get it until next week sometime. That's why i was asking if i think shes crying will the 2-1-1 help anything at all? I was hoping it would as i have not had to fertilize it its entire life so far as its done very well in the fox farms.. Or has seemingly looked very healthy until lately.

    So basically putting 2-1-1 ratio in there isnt going to do anything for me then?
  4. I usually continue with veg ferts for the first2weeks of flower. Helps during the stretch. I also like to give a good shot of N that first week too. They seem to ask for it during the stretch. I would say what you got is better than nothing. Since they really aren't focusing on bud , P, and K aren't exactly necessary yet. ( I am only talking about the first 2 weeks after flipping to 12/12.)
  5. Its definitely better than giving them only water, but a fert like this with a 2-1-1 ratio isn't suitable for flowering. If you use it for 1 watering its ok, if you plan on using it for more than 2 waterings, i think you are going to face problems. The ideal for flowering would be something like 6-10-15 in my humble opinion. Its the ratio between N, P and K which counts, remember that K has to be in higher levels in comparison to N and P. Also, remember to not overdo it with P.
  6. I know the EJ that i have coming for bloom has an NPK ratio of 0-3-1 so i am assuming that should do the trick but since it wont be here until next week i just figured for maybe one watering or so i could at least maybe give it something. I believe now to be exact its been 12 days into flowering, so not exactly 2 weeks just yet though.. Guess i am a little hesitant to use it since i could potentially screw things up :/...
  7. Look, you should give them some food one way or another if they seem hungry to you. Plants don't tell "this is a veg nute, i cannot assimilate it", this particular nute contains more N, its good for the first two weeks of flower like todderfran said. Notice that i said that by the third week you are going to need definitely something with different ratios of N-P-K.

    You could potentially screw things up if you overdid it with the ferts. With the particular nute you got, its a bit harder to burn your plants from what i understand.

  8. Yes. Although not ideal and inferior to AACT's (actively aerated compost teas), Earth Juice is designed to be an all inclusive formula and can be used for both vegetative growth as well as flowering.

    But lets call bottled nutes what they really are: pollutants, and pollutants are obviously something that shouldn't be intentionally added to your soil. ;)
  9. I totally agree with you my friend, i began learning about AACT's and organics in general after i had bought some of these bottles and in combination with a very hot pre-mixed soil (Biobizz All-Mix)i am facing problems all the time. I am also in a constant stressful situation of reading PH and EC measurements, and sometimes these bottles can drive you crazy trying to calculate the needed nutrients my babies need.

    With real organics stuff, if i followed a good recipe like the ones posted in the organics section i would not have to worry about them anymore. I am inclined to try AACT's in the future (i absolutely want to try nettles on mj! ), after i take a look at coco coir too. Its a very promising medium.

  10. Its easier than you think, and you can always amend coir and other soilless mixes with organics and feed them with AACT's. To be a responsible poster I did some research and the Earth Juice he's using doesn't appear on any NO SELL lists that I see, so it should be ok. But... it is taking a good toll on his bank account! Teas and organics are much, much cheaper once you get rolling with them.
  11. You guys might find this link interesting: ODA Pesticides Division Fertilizer program stop sales

    Its the Stop Sale list for Oregon. Basically a list of ferts and other grow products that aren't allowed to be sold in Oregon because they're unregistered or the labels are fabrications of what's really inside the bottle. I live in Colorado, not Oregon, but I check this list all the time. Look at all the A.N. products on this list. You'll be shocked!
  12. I really like this alternative too! But where i live there is a major problem with organics, they only sell bags of 25 kg, and each bag costs about 50-70$. I cannot afford that much, that's the only reason i am still fighting with my EC meter and the rest stuff. I would like to buy an earthworm compost bin so that i don't give these douchebags my hard earned $$(they are clearly promoting only liquid ferts here) but my girlfriend would not be very happy about it. Believe me, i would love the prospect of leaving PH and all this stuff behind, if i did it carefully.
  13. Very nice link my friend! I have a bottle of A.N, i made a post recently about it. PPMs in this bottle were waaaaaaaaay OFF, i should be getting reading of 90 PPM per ml/l and i was getting 350 instead! I used it a couple of times before i realised how hot it was.
  14. Definitely a great link. Thank you for all the assistance and advice i just fed them this morning and i am sure they will thank me later. New nutrients are on the way so as soon as i get them i will start feeding them regularly with that. Again thank you for all the help and incite.

  15. Yeah, that's a bit pricey. Do you have room to compost where you live? If so that would take care of the expense part. Compost is free, just takes a little effort. I don't have my own worm bin yet either, but plan to build a small one once it stays warm enough around here.
  16. Lowryder. If you're serious about wanting to go organic at some point, keep reading the stickies in the organics section here at G.C., but I also highly recommend that you pick up this book: Amazon.com: Teaming with Microbes: The Organic Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web, Revised Edition (9781604691139): Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis: Books

    An absolutely invaluable resource that will teach you all about the soil food web and how easy it really is to grow organic once you have all the mental tools at your disposal. And best of all, your cannabis will taste and smell top shelf, your plants will be the best ever, and you'll never have to worry about PH, PPM or flushing again! In fact you can toss your PH meter right into the trashcan with those nasty, poisonous A.N. bottled nutes. ;)

    Oh, and if your girlfriend also enjoys top shelf, clean burn organic weed she'll learn to overlook that compost pile and that worm bin. Trust me, I speak from experience! :D

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