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possible to smoke and earn good money?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cheezy tree, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, here's my beef. I'm currently working at subway (greatest job I've had so far) part time. I need to get a place of my own and a car ASAP. part time at subway doesnt come close to paying for either of those things, so about a month ago I quit toking :( and started looking for full time jobs that pay 13-18 an hour or more. most jobs I've seen that pay you that much and give you that many hours require a drug test, and/or test randomly.

    tl;dr Anyone know of a well paying job that's at least 35 hours a week where you could still smoke at least after being hired? Thanks guys, and merry Crimbus
  2. Go to school and get a degree
  3. not an option at this point, other ideas?
  4. That's life. It's not logically possible to have a part time job and live on your own. Many with a full-time job struggle. You need an actual career, which unfortunately takes going to school to get. With that you can manage. Make sure you have your priorities straight and everything will fall into place.
  5. I'm not trying to live on my own off of a part time job. read my original post. I'm not trying to live like a king here, I'm trying to make enough to support myself and not sacrifice smoking to do it.
  6. That was just general good advice you can't go wrong with ;).
    With a minimum $/hour job, PART-TIME... I had enough to buy whatever clothing/accessories I wanted when I wanted, enough to eat when I wanted, enough to smoke when I wanted, and still manage to save a little, pour my gas, and so on. (Living under my parents roof!)

    Now I don't know what you're making but $500 a month should be enough if you can control yourself. Meaning no nonsense spending on a 4th/5th pair of designer shoes and not smoking 5-6 grams a sitting in a blunt.

    Buy your weed in bulk, that will same some money. More bang for your buck.

    You're looking for a better paying job? You have to start someone and at the very bottom of the tree is usually burger flipping. Some odd job's like security may pay a lot more than burger flipping. Dancing...on a pole ;) ..Some offices pay better. Even baby or dog sitting can earn you quite a bit. Do your own "gardening/landscaping" business, depending on the amount of customers you can get some good money.
  7. When I was 15 i used to earn $300 a day, for about 2 months.

    Now im 19 and im still living off that money.
  8. thats 18,000 made in 2 months. What was your job?
  9. Damn what'd you do?
  10. School is the best bet. If not, you'll have to put in year's at a place, moving up every now and then. Shit isn't handed out. Just start managing your cash better if you're not willing to do the previous ideas. I'm working part time as a dish washer, but I'm only a few classes from my degree. Once I get it, stop smoking for 6 months and land a good job.

    To answer your actual question, plenty of people smoke and make 6-7 figures.
  11. There's not some secret, or we'd all be rich or well off. Be an entrepreneur, start your own business (which isn't always safe and requires a lot of money upfront via loans), or go to school. Why's school not a possibility, OP?
  12. It wasnt a job, it was something simple on the internet. free none the less/
  13. if you cant go to school, you may have to sacrifice smoking UNTIL you can get your feet under you. Then when you make all the money, thats when you smoke. However you cant just magically shoot into a high paying job without working your way up the corporate ladder, keep searching though, you may get lucky.

    and that guy who got 300/day what the fuck was your job and sign me up!
  14. of course it is, look at Mr. Phelps, or Mr. Obama, Mr. Rog(a)(e)n, or that bitch Gaga

    seriously though, so many successful people blaze, sooooo many, in every field you can imagine; if you're good at what you do it doesn't matter if you light a few spliffs now and then. my tattoo artist charges 160 an hour and I know he's been high before...doesnt matter he does an amazing job. My teachers blaze and I go to a very good school.

    really just find something you love to do and just do it man, going to school to get a degree will just put you in debt. Going to a trade school on the other hand is usually cheaper and pays off quicker.
    If you're willing to do manual labor like construction and landscaping that can pay really well and you can still get high bro, for sure.
  15. Dude, sign me up! Does it also come with being scammed and a free virus?
  16. Got any skills, anything your good at ,for example i can build repair computers, do electrical work, masonry work and more....if not develop one, have people pay YOU for your service, not get a degree to work for some clowns that prob doesn't appreciate you, if you PICK the right major that is :-/.....get a degree..hahaha if it was that simple for everyone we would all be living the life.
    Just remember, do what makes you happy, don't ever sacrifice your happiness just for a big paycheck, because you WILL wake up one day regretting every last moment you didn't.
  17. whattt????? the suspense here is killin me' high here argggg
  18. [quote name='"inb4bud"']
    It wasnt a job, it was something simple on the internet. free none the less/[/quote]

    Underage escort? ..

  19. I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you hosted modded lobbies for call of duty because I made tons of money off that too
  20. move to where there is work, i hear the oil business is booming in north dakota. other than that long hour low wage over time factory work would proably pay the bills too.

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