Possible to satrt outdoor veg?

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    i just received a plant for my bday. i believe it is just a few weeks old. I have one grow under my belt already (outdoor). I would like to grow it outdoors if possible as this is where my limited experience is. Is it possible? i know the growing season dosent start for a few months. Is it possible to start now though? It appears to be an indica. if i do it now, will i have to supplement with a lightsource at night? by the way, i live in southern california. many thanks in advance.
  2. It depends on your temps. I'm gonna guess its still too cold at night for an outdoor plant even in sunny So Cal. The only possible option would be to put it out during the day (weather permitting) and bring it in at night, possibly with some supplemental lighting. Personally, I think its way too much trouble. Either grow it in a box or closet, or wait until April or May.
  3. if i grow it indoors, would i be able to use florescent bulbs as a light source?
  4. fluorescent lights will work fine for vegetating.

    plants are able to utilize red light centered at 642nm and 662nm, and blue light centered at 430nm and 453nm. Because the blue wavelengths available for phosphor are more compatible with what the plants actually want, having more blue phosphor in the mix probably produces better plant results.


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