Possible to salvage these seed sprouts?

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  1. So I decided to experiment and try to sprout in a medium rich with my homemade earth worm castings.

    Bad idea... looks like these seed sprouts got nutrient burned bad. They popped after 18h water soak and I planted them directly into my medium (peat/pumice/compost/worm castings). Planted 5 days ago.

    The first one's (first photo) looked promising, but they're stuck like that, not fully sprouting... the other one's (2nd and 3rd photo) look like they ran out of steam... or perhaps some type of bug in the worm castings attacked the seedling?

    Could I possibly still save them by carefully transplanting to a basic peat/pumice/compost mix that I've used successfully before?

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  2. Personally if i had more seeds i would probably start over, that may have put your veg back a couple weeks. if youre in no rush and learning from the experience i would suggest continuing on. you'll only grow your horticultural skills and will more than likely help yourself out in the long run.
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  3. as this is an experiment then you have a control to compare...?
    either way little visual issues can be seen but that recipe sux
    if these were mine I'd wash in air temp water and repot in 75% perlte and 25% used compost for 2-3 weeks
    keep warm

    good luck
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  4. Thanks Vostok, a few days ago I transplanted them to 1/1/1 peat/perlite/compost mix, what I used successfully before
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