Possible to harvest the top half and.let the bottom keep developing?

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  1. I was just wondering if its possible to harvest the top half of a plant that shows amber trichomes and the bottom bud sites still show cloudy/clear trich's?I have a plant that will be ready in 2 weeks (10weeks flowering time) and the top bud site are showing 75% cloudy, 20% clear, and 5% amber and started turning purple. But the bottom bud half way down is still 60% cloudy and.40% clear.

    IMG_20220924_172304968~2.jpg IMG_20220925_104920784~3.jpg IMG_20220925_122218499~2.jpg IMG_20220925_122212452~2.jpg

    Has anyone ever tried this method and if so let me know your results.
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  2. I harvested the top of this plant 2 weeks ago. I'll probably cut the rest of it next week.
    C 9 24 2022.JPG
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  3. Did you notice a difference in growth?
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  4. No difference, it just continues to grow.

    Before the first chop,
    C 9 10 2022.JPG
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  5. I also agree that it's worth it. I've heard other people say it isn't because you're taking up grow space for the next crop but personally I'd rather wait a bit to increase quality of the lower sites. Assuming it's not a tiny amount of bud

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  6. Ah ok. Man I wish I had the space to have that many babies.lol.i.just took my microscope to my other plant I put in flowering Saturday and.i.can say it's safe to say we have a female.

    Sometimes I get a little desperate and want to know ASAP so I won't put in so much time and effort into a male. I had a nice bushy plant 3 months ago,I did LST and fed nutes and at the end it was a he.lol.
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  7. same shit happened to me but he showed preflowers like that and i decided to go with a 30 gallon pot and grow a monster when i flipped to 12/12 after 4 days balls popped out everywhere i almost cried the stalk was the size of a potato i feel your pain trust me
  8. Yea it sucks cause the one that ended up being male showed preflowers and boom,....he did a 180 and came.out the closet.lol
  9. Sure can, its called a sequential harvest
    I used to do it always not these days my grows are too big ..lol

    not so good with autos tho
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  10. Thanks for the knowledge. Just when you think you have most of the things down you need to grow you always learn something new.
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  11. It would be faster to take a clone and set it to flower immediately, you'll know in weeks if it's male or female. If you let them grow a few nodes past where you would top your plant, you can use this cutting for a clone. I have cut clones and put them under 12/12 while they were rooting (which usually takes 7-10 days), about 2 weeks later they showed their sex. Much less wasted time and no money wasted on nutes and the like.
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  12. But how.much longer would it take to get it back to vegging?
  13. Why bother? You will still be growing the original plant that should be pretty good sized by the time you know the sex, Just grow the original, and toss the clone.
  14. Why would you toss the clone? The whole purpose is to have the clone to harvest and the donor as the mother plant. the purpose of a clone is to cut back time that it would originally take a seed to mature before flowering which could be 2-4 weeks difference.
  15. No, the purpose was to determine the sex, not to take and grow clones. You won't get enough from the clone to make it worthwhile.
  16. Says who? Almost every single cannabis farm I know of used clones. What makes you think you would get a good yield?
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    I say so. Why, because I've done it many times and it's just not worth the effort to grow them out.

    I offered advice on how to determine the sex of your plant faster, it has nothing to do with cutting clones to grow out. How much do you think a clone going straight into flower will produce?
  18. I never said putting a clone straight into flowering. But you can put a clone once rooted into flowering to determine sex and then back to veg. I just don't know how much time it would take to reveg back fr flowering.
  19. How long are your girls in veg before flipping?
  20. You obviously have not comprehended what I've been posting.
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