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possible to get visuals with weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bizop, May 9, 2011.

  1. Is it possible to get visual hallucinations from weed?
  2. yea vape a shitload or eat some hella potent edibles. and sativa will always give you more visuals than indica
  3. i used to...ALOT, but they just all started to go away. idk i made a post about it a long time ago but it doesnt really matter now
  4. yea i use to get crazy visuals wen i started
  5. so what kind do you get I have never got them

  6. mine were a little too weird, really it would be better if i didnt explain them to you
  7. yea, back in my early days of smoking. I visited my bank at midnight to get some money out of the ATM. The ATM was to the side of the big entrance.

    As i got out of the car (super high with my friends) I could have sworn that i saw a man staring out of the entrance. It scared the shit out of me lol.
  8. once me and my friends smoked a blunt at night on the shores of lake michigan, and we got so fucking baked it was unreal. Anyway, after a little while i had to drive us home, and as we were driving down this curvy neighborhood road i started braking and i was like "oh shit", and my friend is like "what?". Then I just started laughing, because the reason i braked was because i thought i saw a deer by the side of the road. Only after i slowed down and said oh shit did i realize that it was actually a pile of wood by somebody's driveway. lol.
  9. i never used to but i think i took enough acid to the point where sometimes i can start to trip balls for like 5 minutes when i smoke weed
  10. I do that when I'm sober bro
  11. Once I was with a couple of friends watching an eclipse by the beach. It was dark and we were really high, about four or five blunts. So up in the sky, kind of masked by the clouds, we see this light that sort of moves from side to side while coming towards us. We start to panic and think that aliens are coming. Needles to say once it came really close we could tell it was an airplane. Scary stuff.
  12. of course.

    pot's really close to shroomz in the visual department... even to the point of causing the same sort of panic attack if you over do it...

    i've smoked ONCE. and seen visuals.. from some super dank stuff they called "christmas bud" when i was like 16.. 25 now.. no idea on what strain.. closest to the diesel strains i encounter now... lately.. nah, nothing, except some a super potent grow my friend did of northern lights.. that shit did it... but it was qwiso hash brownies, with about 7g's of qwiso in the mix, along with trimmings from plants at harvest, and a bit of some regs buds in the mix.. so yeah... pot is completely capable of producing visuals.. all about setting/potency.. i bet if you were an animal, in the wild, you would hallucinate, or if you eat the right amount of trichomes, at the right amount of maturity...which i have.. you hallucinate.

    oh and by smoking once... i mean once.. in the 10 years of smoking.. not like i've smoked once, total.
  13. i've only really gotten them from edibles
  14. Like my 1st time i was seein shit in the woods kinda
  15. One time i smoked a bit and my friend turned into a cartoon character...well actually when i wasnt looking directly at things everything else turned into like some sort of cartoon thinghahaha.....he turned into janes dad off cartoon tarzan movie LOL
  16. I got one the other night actually
    I was walking home with friends from a party at about 12am when we came to a t-intersection and straight ahead was a parked car(try and picture it) anyway I swear I saw a man with a hood and possibly a mask and he pointed at me, then stuck the finger up at me. I started to freak out and my friends where only drunk so they where pretty chill about (I was drunk and very very super duper very very stoned) I started to get really nervous, plus I just sparked up another joint at the time. But as I got closer it looked if the guy put he's head down, my friends where reassuring me that no one was there. And then when we where on the opposite side of the rode, no one was in the car. And along as I walked down that road I looked back every 5 secs

    I was tripping balls but when we got back to my mates house, sparked up another joint. I was crusin' and lovin life.
  17. Only the first time I ever got really really high from smoking, I swear I saw myself in the third person.

    When I ate too many edibles I saw some things, but I was mostly crawling on the floor not knowing what the fuck was going on.

    In the end I'd say you're not going to see fractal barney punching a unicorn, but your mind will start to play tricks on you.

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