Possible to get too much light?!

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  1. Hello, i've been dealing with some sick seedlings, and haven't been able to work out the problem.

    When I brought my light I got the best, most expensive one, thinking "more light more buds",

    however i have tried to bring my seedlings up in this and there is barely any growth over 12 days, is it possible this powerful 900 wat LED is simply to much for my seedling to handle?
  2. no, you can't have too much light. What kind of 900w led do you have? Seedlings often go through a week or so when they seem dormant, but they are still growing beneath the surface.
  3. Yes. You CAN have too much light.... If you're working in a confined space you can and will burn plants. 900 watts is overkill for sprouts unless it's like 20 feet above them. I can't believe you'd say you can't have too much light and think 900 watts of LEDs on sprouts is ideal.

    OP- A compact fluorescent or T5 is fine at this stage just above the plant. Try hanging the 900w light as high as you can and see if that helps. I would totally take the light out and supplement with something else until they're bigger.

    He's right on not growing MUCH. but they should grow a set or two of leaves in 10 days.

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  4. Like Carter mentioned, it's very possible to have too much light. I usually use 6500k 60W T8 or T5 flouros for something like that, typically plants will slow growth to a halt and then begin getting weird leaves and light burn. If you had the same wattage in an HID i'd be willing to bet theyd be showing burn.
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  5. I cringe using a true 140 watt LED on my sprouts. Even that's sort of overkill.

    I prefer to start with my 60 watt horticultural CFL 6500K. Similar to falcon ^.

    "The world is in your hands,
    Mine are in the dirt."
  6. Haha damn lol, so these gals must think i'm really trying to kill them lol?

    But yeah, I disabled half of the cobbs now so the light is operating at 500 watts with only blue spectrum light (heard that's good for seedlings?), this might be in my head but i swear my cheese plant has doubled its growth in the time since, does have a weird brown spot r two on its older leafs tho which is weird so young.
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