Possible to extract DXM from a pill?

Discussion in 'General' started by leodicapario, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. It contains 600 gauifenesin, and 30 dxm hbr.. ive only seen extraction methods for syrups and gelcaps, but i was just wondering because i wanna trip on dxm tonight and this was all i could find in my closet.

    How much of a chance would i have of puking my ass off if i just poped 8.. i hear gauifenesin causes vomiting.? J/w if it would be worth it to sit out the stomache aches for the dxm to work
  2. fuck it, i just took 6.. hope i dont puke too soon before the dxm absorbs :p

    im also planning on smoking a joint here in a sec, do you think that would help me to not spill my cookies.. ive heard weed cures nausa
  3. bro you need to take like 15-20 depending on your weight your not gonna feel much more then a very very light buzz from the dxm o ya and you gonna puke you fucking guts out soon sorry i couldnt help earlier but gauifenesin is a not so nice on the body in large amount and can be fatal at large amount if im not mistaken. your very lucky you only took 6! just get robbitussion pills my friend only take straight dxm never anything with codine or gauifenesin
  4. I know all the facts about DXM ing its just this is the only product i have right now. Do you really think im gonna puke.. ive never been sick off pills before and ive taken alot of different meds to get fucked up, including 20 tylenols(when i was stupid and didnt know better) 12 benadryls, ny-quil/dayquill.
  5. my bad i read it and thought you took 16 not 6, you should be alright maybe feel a bit crappy but just stay away from anything thats not dxm only.
  6. you say this like i dont know, but if you will notice i said this was all i had available thus used it, now an hour later no sickness, and i poped 2 more after i said fuck it.. about 15 mins after i took the first 6... the dxm is workin a little and like i said im not sick at all...

    Edit: oh yeah this was why i came back here.. i just finish my joint of some regs.. kinda high, but its just some brick weed, but no seeds! few red hairs. earthy smell. but its sticky as hell
  7. you can extract dxm from pills, jus crush em up and dissolve em in ammonia like u would syrup, and follow all the same steps, after you get done shakin the ammonia/naptha though ur gonna have guafenesin (still cant spell that shit) bubbles floatin by where the ammonia and naptha seperation is so you gotta let it sit for awhile until it disipates (i believe thats the correct word for it) or basically wait til the bubbles go away and proceed the same way you would a normal syrup extraction

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