Possible to cure marijuana after 3 days?

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  1. Hey guys I have my plant hanging by roots for exactly 3 days now and my brother is having to come over to get his half. He is gonna put it in jar because he will be gone all week and no where to hang at his house. Will it still be potent enough I guess if put it in jar now?
  2. If the stems snap, then yes. Otherwise, i wouldn't jar them in case of mold, the moisture in the buds needs to be lost before they hit the jars. Get a good fan circulating the air where you dry to get them dry faster.
  3. well...i didnt have a fan on it for the 2 and half days so far but i just now put a fan under the hanging buds on high so the fan air isnt blowing directly on buds...You think by tonight will be lil more drier?
  4. it must be dry before you put it in a jar. if it molds and you smoke it, you could die. Better to have your weed too dry than too wet, when jarring.
  5. hmmm true but I just now tried snapping the stalk and it snapped but the other side of it didnt snapped, still had little peel if u know what i mean it just didnt snapped into 2 pieces but it snapped! ha
  6. so your brother doesnt trust you to keep the weed to dry and start curing it for a week while hes gone? next time let him grow his own and dont share.

    gotta love family
  7. actually he seems anxious to smoke it cause he been calling me all week asking if its done yet to dry. I think he told some of his 18 yr old co workers and i think he is gonna share it with them I dunno.
  8. Well he obviously cares only about YOUR product and not the work it entails. If he can't be patient enough for harvested bud to dry properly, than he shouldn't be allowed to smoke it.
  9. Well its just my first grow...i wasnted even planning on the plant to bud...but is it ok if it snaps like I said to put it in jar with say a orange peel?
  10. Orange peel to add flavor?

    IDK about that.

    All i know is be conservative. If your smaller buds snap, but your larger buds don't, then give it another day or two.
  11. Nix the orange peel, it'll probably cause moldy bud.:smoke:
  12. I wouldn't point it directly at the buds, just keep it on medium and point it towards a corner of the room. They will definitely be drier, it just takes time man, tell your bro you cant rush nature ;).
  13. Agreed. You don't want to dry your buds out to fast as well. Put the fan on medium, jar it for a minimum for 10 days.
  14. Alright well at day 3 down of drying I thought I would try first sample from small bud...I put it in a bowl and it wasnt even half a bowl and I got a good 8 hits out of it. The bud was really really sticky but I had to kinda pull the weed apart instead of it crumbling.. is that a good sign for jar or to let dry more? I was surprised on 8 hits usually out of weed I get I could just get maybe 5 or less with not even half bowl.Also, for first grow I got pretty high off it I was surprised.
  15. You jar it now, you WILL get mold.

    I'm speaking from experience here, but if you or your bro want to find out the hard way, have at it.


  16. its still too wet, thats why you got so many hits. you must dry for 5-7 days. When you put it in a jar all that moisture will spread throughout your weed. you'd be surprised how much water is still in there.
  17. damn dude what do you NOT get? Let it dry all the way and have dry buds, or jar it up when its wet and get mold on it? They keep telling you what to do and u keep asking "well is it ok to do this"..."well how about if i do this".....wtf is wrong with you? :confused:
  18. Hey, i'm going through the same thing you are right now.. 1st everything... enjoying the fruit of your labor is awesome. Its so sticky right now i bet. Smells a little but not like regular stuff.

    So yeah, waited for the cloudy trics, took a couple cuttings for some very close friends. stripped fan leaves, trimmed back sugar leaves, hung upside down in dark ventillated area with slight breeze for 3 days, then jarred tight for 4 days. About an hour ago i was turning this sticky dankining buds and rearranging the jar when i say a little white stingy mess about a quarter inch by a quarter inch.

    I took out my magnifier to positively identify this invader from maybe a little piece of lint stuck in the sticky. It was not lint. With some nasal hair scissors i went in a clipped it out the growth and tossed out the window.

    The individual sticky is in isolation the rest are on a dark shelf with a gentle breeze turing every couple hours.

    lesson learned.

    I hope this helps, or works cause i heard it can spread to the entire batch rendering it complete junk that'll cause a serious health risk.

    good luck.

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