Possible Spider Mites?

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    I'm in the last four weeks of flowering, and I just started to notice some cob web looking material on one of the top nuggets. I tried to remove the spot where it was, but then I found that this stuff is spread throughout the inside of the nugget.

    I can't get any insecticide for awhile. What should I do? Remove the entire nugget before it spreads more? :(

  2. is the inside of the bud brown? ..if so then you have botrytis ..aka bud rot, and well that is not good....

    a quick harvest with quick dry, and cutting out the infected parts (liberally, and with extreme prejudice ..it is a mold after all), is about the only option, if it is bud rot...
  3. No, theres no brown. The inside looks healthy but covered in white web like material.

    Pic above ^
  4. yeah it is mold.. this is the time of year it starts to show up ..drop humidity levels, and cut infection out, if you can .. use neem next time going into flower ...and right up untill about now during flower....

    hey looks like a small infection .. very cool ..good eye for catching it ...
  5. Ah well. I'm happy that it isn't spider mites. I just cut off most of the top, and there is a bit of brown in there.

    Thanks for your help man

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