Possible Spider Mites?

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    This is my first grow, so I know I know not much at all...so please bare with me.


    -600w Metal Halide, approx 14 inch from Tops.
    -494 CFM Vortex fan cooling bulb
    -decent powered oscillating fan inside
    -Temps running 81.2 at the tops
    -Humidity 41.6
    -Soil Miracle Grow Moisture Retaining (i know i read otherwise but my nursery told me it was the best :-(
    -Nutes : Miracle Grow Bloom Booster (every other watering)
    -Watering about every other day. I wait for it to droop a little, but the water comes out the bottom quickly am i over watering?
    -PH: Taken 9 hours after watering : 7.24
    -CO2 enrichment: 0.2ppm 15 min 2x a day

    So i noticed the edges were looking a little burn on some of the lower leaves, the tops look nice and green. I immediately suspected spider mites, and the leaves kinda looked like them, but i don't have a magnifying lense, and i cannot see any of these things. I shook the leaves over a piece of paper, and it didn't look like anything came off...

    I have 3 plants (white widow guaranteed fem) and the tallest one is the worst, the others have similar but much less symptoms.

    I can take more pics, but they all seem to come out the same. They definitely seem darker on the bottom of the leaf than on the top.

    Any thoughts?
  2. If this is your runoff this is your problem. In fact, I think it's your problem either way. I highly doubt it's mites, but if you can lower that Ph down to 6.5ish I don't think you'll have the problems you're having.
  3. Thank you for your reply, its not the runoff if you mean the water runoff, it seemed to either get sucked back up into the pot or evaporated in the 9 hours i was gone.

    I bought a Hanna PH/EC meter and don't have a probe. Perhaps I'll look into buying a probe.

    I simply pressed the meter into the soil about maybe 1/2 inch or so, as I'm a n00b and didn't want to disrupt the roots (although after typing that I guess they are much further down than 1/2 inch). Should I jam it down further?

    So I googled lowering Ph and it said to go to a local hydro store and get some Phosphoric Acid and mix a small amount with a good quantity of water when not using nutes...is that a good recomendation?
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    So I tested the ph of all my water...guess i should have done that before hand...

    My tap is running 7.72, which is what i just used that prompted me the next morning to notice it was bad

    My filtered water is 7.31

    Kinda forget what water with nutes was, but i think it was 5.64ish.

    Edit: I wiped away the top dry soil and stuck the thing into it nicely as I should have before. It was registering 5.79 Ph.

    Which I guess is too low?

    The other plants were 6.3 - 6.4 and they are not nearly as bad as that one.

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