Possible spider mites?

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  1. Hi all, I just checked out my grow. I noticed a few leaves had a single thread of spider web that went from one leaf to another, there was a couple of leaves like this. I havn't thoroughly checked out the plant to see if other signs of spider mites appeared. I still need to do some research on them. She is on her 2nd-3rd week in flowering. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Sorry for no pictures, I have a really shitty cellphone camera that probably wouldn't help. Ill have to see if I can borrow a good camera from somebody.
  2. Indoor?

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  3. I ask because I'll get the occasional rogue spider that likes the warmth so when I'm looking at trichs I see a Web strand or two, which doesn't concern me by itself. The only way to really tell if you have a mite problem is a hi-mag exam of the leaves, top and underside. Once you diagnose for sure you have a few courses of treatment starting with neem oil or a similar derivative.

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  4. yes its indoor, I went up to look at her again. I don't think its spider mites now because there was a strand of web that went from my bucket to the top of the closet that she's in. I have a weak magnifying glass so I will inspect the leaves once more, but from just my eye all the leaves look perfectly normal. well the tips of some leaves look like they're burnt, they're just shrivelled up and yellow.
  5. Yeah so upon closer inspection with the magnifying glass. everything seems to be fine, there is nothing else that tells me I have spider mites.
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  6. I got a spider too, it freakin bit me and i almost lost my pinky. Careful sticking your hand in there sonce you don't know what it is. i know i sound paranoid but holy crap man that sucked.
    Gross warning! one little bite, never even saw the damn thing and kaboom my whole hand swolen and i'm at the e.r. with an IV drip. It swelled up all the way to my wrist. I'm a little more cautious about sticking my fingers in my soil pots now lol.
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  7. Damn

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  8. Ho Lee fuk.

    Still better than spider mites !!!

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  9. wtf lol
  10. You were outdoors PNW? Dam hope your good now! that bite looked like it was from a tarantula or something big? How big was the spider?

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  11. thats what i was thinking
  12. nope it was in my house. . . . i never found it i just suspected it was a spider bite and the e.r. doc confirmed it, then he cut it open and yeah it got worse from there and i ended up on a drip then ten days of their strongest antibiotics lol. It was awesome. Almost better now but it doesn't work like it used to it's really tight when i try to bend it.
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  13. Spider mite damage is visible as multiple small white dots on the infested leaves and as the infestation grows there will be webs show up on the affected area. Nasty little buggers if you catch em late, especially in bud.
  14. holy crap bro, sorry to hear that. here's hoping you fully recover. i'm gonna think twice about reaching for anything in a dark or dimly lit space
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  15. Thanks for the information :) I'm looking around very good with a magnifying glass, there are no signs of spider mites :p. But i'll keep checking daily for these pests.

    My plant in 2-3 weeks into flower. Is it a good idea to remove some of the huge fan leaves? I have snipped 2-3 of the fan leaves so far in a weeks time. There are 1-2 really good looking bud at the top of the plant, the pistils on these bud are already changing color. but the rest of the bud sites are pretty small.

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