Possible Spider Mites and nutrient issues?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by MountainGrows, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Hi, I have 2 grows going right now, a smaller one indoors and a medium one outdoors. My indoor plants are fine and look 100% healthy, but the outdoor ones are starting to get some issues as you can see in the pictures. They are in 7-10 gallon smart pots on a second story southern facing balcony. They are only about 2 weeks old from seed and get watered about every other day when they become dry to the touch....any ideas or a proper diagnosis would be super appreciated as I'm still relatively new to this. I feel like the white spots on the leaves are spider mites and the browning of the leaves I'm not sure if it's a nutrient issue or not enough water, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!! View attachment 2654000 View attachment 2654002 20190728_165819.jpg View attachment 2654001

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  2. Leaves look nutrients burned, or splashed and never wiped off

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  3. How would I fix it? I haven't put any nutes in it besides what came in the soil mix. Thanks :)
  4. Well Make sure not to leave any water on the leaves during lights on. How often are u watering.

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  5. Those are all outdoor plants in either 7 or 10 gallon smart pots. I water every other day. When I go to water 80-90% of pots have dry soil the rest are still slightly damp. They have southern exposure on a 2nd story deck at 39 degrees N Latitude. They also are just in a soil perlite earthworm casting mix right now, no nutes have been added yet.
  6. What type of soil
  7. It's a weird mix, I know but I got almost 20 bags for free so I wasn't about to waste $. It's a mix between MiracleGrow Moisture Control (seems like MG putting soil with a bunch of perlite), Roots Organics, perlite, and earthworm castings. The mix ratio was like 10-10-1-3 respectively. And I have like 4 or 5 bags of blood meal sitting here, trying to figure out when they should be top dressed...don't want to do it too early and burn the little plants or anything.
  8. You shouldn’t really use miracle grow. They have time release nutrients in the soil. It kind of looks like a ph problem
  9. Yeah I thought the free soil was a blessing but I guess not ...what's the best way to address the issue? Is there any way besides taking a soil sample and sending it out? Thanks
  10. You say when the soil is dry to the touch is that on top or are you sticking your finger down in it to see if its dry deeper down

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  11. I was always told to stick my finger In the soil about an inch- to my first knuckle and when that much was dry it was time to water, for me with my setup that's usually every other day.

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  12. Go to a nearby store or amazon and get you a ph meter. Since you’re in soil you should have your water close to 6.5 as possible. And as a young plant you don’t have to water as often since their water intake isn’t much at a young age
  13. Id say it's burned from time release nutes don't water to much every water will feed
  14. Thank you guys, this is a great forum! I appreciate the patience and help!

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