Possible Scam?

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  1. I'm new to my area and have been trying to find a dealer. I contacted a couple potential leads and two of them told me they wanted me to use the first time to est. trust. This immediately sent red flags up on my eyes. I told them I was wary and they said that they wouldn't have access to the money until I released it. I'm not well versed in and wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar experience? Thanks
  2. I wouldn't do it. I'm pretty sure once you wire that money, it's gone.

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  3. I figured it was fishy, I've heard payment through in this capacity is pretty much always a scam. Guess I need to find somewhere else, thanks
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  4. Are the dealers in your area? that's the first question I have for you. And have you actually seen these dealers and what they sell? Is the second question i have for you. There's no reason for you to have to use a money transfer unless you're buying from across state and buying a LARGE amount. I would just do the local thing and ask some senior high schoolers or people at you're job that you can trust for a more local dealer. And that whole "trust" factor is a huge red flag for me. I myself supply people with their meds and would never ask them to do something to establish trust.
  5. Unfortunately I'm new to the area. Because of my position at work I would be incredibly worried about talking with a coworker about it. High schoolers might be plausible, just something I wouldn't be all that comfortable doing. There are a few hippie-ish parts of town, I might try and find someone there. I'm dead dry now though and don't have any kind of hookup
  6. The whole won't have money until you release it is BS. As soon as you wire the money they have it. I use so I know.
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  7. Ok, that's what I figured. Thanks for that info, would have lost $100.
  8. I can relate. When i moved to my new town i had the pleasure of being in a workplace with people who use snapchat and other social media apps and through that i knew who smoked or did other things like that. But the reliable way I would go is just calmly bringing it up with someone you talk to at work. If you really don't feel comfortable bringing it up ask someone that you see smoke cigarettes and just bring something up like " How many cigarettes do you smoke a day.. oh that's cool you know I smoke just about that much weed" and from there you should see what they're about and if they do know anyone who deals they should say something. that's how I did it at my first job.
  9. With what I do my position is linked to corporate management, so I'm really nervous about going through anyone at my work. I'm sure I'm overthinking this and making it harder than it has to be, I just don't want to end up fired or drug tested.
  10. Ask someone that's not high up in the ranks. Or just look for the normal stoner characteristics. You know the typical cartoony stoner(we all know one).
  11. Fair enough, there are a couple people who come to mind that might be able to help.
  12. Glad I could possibly help you get out of your dry spell. We've all been there before.
  13. Yea I would go with the little people below you. Entry level people with no say so. If they do say anything they won't be listened to.
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  14. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully rumors are true and green is going to be reclassified to schedule ii by the POTUS on his way out of office.
  15. Update: no new connections in my town but got a friend from down south to hook me up. Meanwhile, the guy wouldn't stop texting so I blocked him.

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  16. A drug dealer is asking you to start a paper trail. That's just not how this works. Even if he is 100% legit that is not something I would do.
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  17. It definitely seemed sketchy in a lot of ways and there was only a small chance that it would end in some green. Thanks for the advice

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